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Bottles and serums with skin lightening ingredients

Skin lightening ingredients are used in skincare products to even skin tone, and treat skin conditions such as melasma, dyschromia, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and dark spots from acne.  Skin whitening ingredients can be used for all skin colors including white, brown, and black skin.  If you have melasma- you can get specific skincare product advice at this link.

If your skin is a darker Fitzpatrick Skin Type, you need to be careful to apply the skin lightening products only on the areas you want to lighten.  For example, if you are treating a dark spot and you get the skin lightening cream outside of the margins of the dark spot, you will get a light halo effect around the dark spot.  We recommend using a cotton swap to apply the cream directly to the area of skin you want to lighten. Let the spot treatment dry before you apply the next layer of skincare products.


 The main ingredients in skin bleaching creams are divided into different categories based on how they work to lighten skin. Learn more about these categories from our skin lightening ingredient dictionary that has a list of the categories of skin bleaching agents. Skin whitening, lightening, brightening or skin bleaching ingredients work best when different categories of ingredients that target the skin pigment melanin are used together in the same skin care routine.

Need help building your skin care routine?  We are here to guide you!

Natural Skin Lightening

Many of the skin lightening ingredients used in skincare products are plant derived, vegan, clean, and natural. Aloe, mulberry extract, and licorice extract are examples of natural skin lightening ingredients that you can look for on the product label.

The best way to lighten skin naturally is to wear sunscreen every day and avoid the sun.  The sun is the reason that the skin makes melanin- to protect itself. Using SPF every day is the best way to get an even skin tone.  We suggested tinted sunscreens because they protect skin from the lights emitted from your computer screen and phone better than non-tinted sunscreens do. 

These are the best tinted noncomedogenic sunscreens to help lighten your skin:

Inflammation can also lead to skin pigmentation. Reducing inflammation by decreasing stress, eating anti-inflammatory foods like salmon and using anti-inflammatory skincare ingredients can also help lighten skin naturally.


Lightening Skin Ingredients

You can find the best skin lightening ingredients here but they work best as part of a customized skin lightening routine that is right for your Baumann Skin Type.


Skin Whitening Ingredients

Many people talk about skin whitening ingredients- but ingredients don’t turn your skin white- they just decrease melanin pigment.  You will still have pink and other tones that make up skin color. It is more correct to say skin lightening than skin whitening. The goal is not to turn your skin white- but to give you an even skin tone. 

Which Ingredients Are Good For Skin Whitening

There is no fast way to whiten skin.  You need to use skin lightening products from at least 3 different ingredient categories for 12-16 weeks to lighten skin safely. You can find a list of skin lightening ingredient categories here.

Why is it impossible to lighten my skin overnight? Read here to learn more.

Safe Skin Lightening Ingredients

The best skin lightening ingredients that are safe for your skin depends upon what your Baumann Skin Type is. First find your skin type and then look for ingredient to whiten skin that are safe for your skin type.  You see- an ingredient that is safe for one skin type is not healthy for another skin type.


Safe Skin Lightening creams


The best safe skin lightening creams for dry skin are:



The best safe skin lightening creams for oily skin are:



Natural Ingredients for skin lightening

Many skin lightening ingredients are natural and plant derived.  Find a list of skin lightening ingredient here.


Allantoin for Skin Whitening

Learn more about the anti-inflammatory and skin lightening ingredient allantoin here.  Allantoin is not the best natural skin lightening ingredient.  It is mostly an anti-inflammatory ingredient that helps prevent skin pigmentation.  You can find it in melasma skincare products.


The best skincare routines for skin lightening are the same regimens as used for melasma and can be found here.

Harmful Skin Lightening Ingredients

              There are skin Lightening ingredients to avoid.  Do not use any skin bleaching agents that permanently kill your melanocytes.  This leaves you with no protection form the sun and more susceptible to skin cancer.  Michael Jackson used these illegal and very strong skin bleaching agents.  They are not recommended.

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