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Parabens, FDA Regulation, and Clean Beauty Standards

By Marcha Isabelle Chaudry, Esq. on Feb 27, 2024

Cosmetic attorney Marcha Isabelle Chaudry, Esq. Unravels the controversy of parabens in skin care in today's blog! Tune in to our new series of blogs all about the laws and regulations behind the most common skin care ingredients!

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Toxic Ingredients in Skincare - A Dermatologist's Toxic Ingredient Checker

By Dr. Leslie Baumann on Nov 01, 2023

There is a lot of talk about clean beauty and which skin care products are harmful. This article divides harmful chemicals in skincare into categories such as harmful to humans or harmful to the environment. This toxic ingredient checker describes exactly what a toxic ingredient is and why and when it is harmful. Trying to find safe skincare?- this article will help you understand the issues.

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