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PAR-2 Blockers To Lighten Skin and Even Skin Tone

By Dr. Leslie Baumann on Aug 01, 2023

Protease activated receptor 2 (PAR-2) is a receptor that can be blocked to lighten skin color. Learn how to include PAR-2 blockers in your skincare routine to lighten dark spots and erase melasma.

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Chamomile in Skin Care

By Dr. Leslie Baumann on May 04, 2023

What is Chamomile extract used for in skin care products? Why is it not considered the safest ingredient in skin care? Is it right for your skin? What kinds of treatments include chamomile extract? Find out all this and more in our blog all about chamomile!

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Azelaic Acid in Skin Care

By Dr. Leslie Baumann on May 03, 2023

What is azelaic acid? Where does it come from? Is it safe for use in skin care? Find out all of this and more in today's blog post all about the benefits, side-effects, and considerations about azelaic acid!

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Resorcinol in Skin Care

By Dr. Leslie Baumann on Feb 21, 2023

Resorcinol is a tyrosinase inhibitor that is found in chemical peels. It is usually not found in cosmetic products because it can be irritating. Hexylresorcinol and phenylethyl resorcinol are used instead.

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Hexylresorcinol in Skin Care

By Dr. Leslie Baumann on Feb 21, 2023

Hexylresorcinol is a skin lightening ingredient that is more gentle than hydroquinone and resorcinol.

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How To Treat Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation PIH Skin?

By Dr. Leslie Baumann on Jul 11, 2022

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (also called PIH and PIPA) cannot be cured unless inflammation is also treated. Learn what causes post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and how it's treated.

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