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Retinol For Men - The Complete Guide

By Dr. Leslie Baumann on Jan 29, 2024

Retinol has become one of the most popular anti-aging ingredients for men’s skincare. As a vitamin A derivative, retinol boosts collagen production, evens skin tone, re...

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PAR-2 Blockers To Lighten Skin and Even Skin Tone

By Dr. Leslie Baumann on Aug 01, 2023

Protease activated receptor 2 (PAR-2) is a receptor that can be blocked to lighten skin color. Learn how to include PAR-2 blockers in your skincare routine to lighten dark spots and erase melasma.

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Best Dermatologist Recommended Treatment For Dark Spots On Face

By Dr. Leslie Baumann on Jul 31, 2023

Dark spots on the face are caused by an increase in melanin. Learn how dermatologists treat dark spots.

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Melanin: The Skin Pigment That Causes Dark Spots and Gives Skin Color

By Dr. Leslie Baumann on Jul 30, 2023

Skin Color is predominately determined by the amounts of two types of melanin: eumelanin and pheomelanin. This blog explains how melanin is made, types of melanin, how melanin is made, and how skin lighteners work to reduce melanin and lighten skin. This will help you understand how skin lighteners work.

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How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots On Black Skin

By Dr. Leslie Baumann on Jul 22, 2023

Dyspigmentation in more common in darker skin types because melanocytes are more active. Learn how to choose creams and serums to treat your uneven skin tone.

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Tyrosinase Inhibitors To Lighten Skin

By Dr. Leslie Baumann on Jun 26, 2023

Tyrosinase inhibitors are the best skin lightening products. What is tyrosinase and how do tyrosinase inhibitors help treat dark spots and hyperpigmentation? Which of these ingredients are the strongest?

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Salicylic acid in Skin Care

By Dr. Leslie Baumann on Jun 08, 2023

What is salicylic acid? How does it make your skin feel smooth? How do chemical peels work and are they all the same? Find out if salicylic acid products are right for your Baumann Skin Type in today's blog all about salicylic acid!

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CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10) in Skin Care

By Dr. Leslie Baumann on May 17, 2023

What is Coenzyme Q10? Is it the same thing as ubiquinone? What benefits does it have in skin care? Why is it one of the most popular and common ingredients in skin care products? Find this out and a lot more on CoQ10 in skin care here!

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Chamomile in Skin Care

By Dr. Leslie Baumann on May 04, 2023

What is Chamomile extract used for in skin care products? Why is it not considered the safest ingredient in skin care? Is it right for your skin? What kinds of treatments include chamomile extract? Find out all this and more in our blog all about chamomile!

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Azelaic Acid in Skin Care

By Dr. Leslie Baumann on May 03, 2023

What is azelaic acid? Where does it come from? Is it safe for use in skin care? Find out all of this and more in today's blog post all about the benefits, side-effects, and considerations about azelaic acid!

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Cysteamine in Skin Care

By Dr. Leslie Baumann on Apr 17, 2023

What is cysteamine? How is it used in skin care? Is cysteamine safer or more effective than other skin lighteners? Learn all about cysteamine and its uses in skin care today!

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How To Treat Melasma From The Inside

By Dr. Leslie Baumann on Mar 29, 2023

We will explain how to treat melasma from the inside naturally using vitamins, supplements, pills and melasma treatments.

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