16 Baumann Skin Types

What are the 16 Baumann Skin Types?

The Baumann Skin Type Classification System is the skin type classification system used by dermatologists in their medical offices to divide patients into 16 Skin Types. These 16 distinct skin types  are used  to prescribe the best skin care regimen for their skin.

The Baumann skin typing system was first revealed publicly in my New York Times bestselling book The Skin Type Solution (Bantam 2006) and has been included in many medical textbooks including Fitzpatrick Dermatology in General Medicine and Cosmetic Dermatology. (1-9)

It is used throughout the world. 

You can take the Baumann Skin Type skin care quiz online, or find a participating doctor near you.

Once you know your Baumann Skin Type you can:

Get a customized skin care routine with step by step instructions

Get skin care product recommendations for each step in your skin care routine from many medical grade skin care brands

Read product reviews from others with the same Baumann Skin Type as you

Earn points that can be used towards skin care product purchases

Receive educational emails about your skin type (You can opt out)

Browse the skin care library to learn more about your skin's needs

Visit our You Tube channel to see interviews from others with your same skin type and hear from skin care product scientists and dermatologists

Skin Type Solutions custom regimens at one of our doctor's clinics

What Are the 16 Baumann Skin Types?

Each skin type is determined by the presence or absence of 4 barriers to skin health.  Your skin care routine will be designed to target the underlying barriers to skin health that are affecting your skin's health and appearance. Your skin care routine will target all of the following skin issues you may have:


Excess sebum



Skin aging

Our goal is to help you improve your skin type by using the best skin care products layered in the proper order in your custom skin care routine.

What do the 4 letters in the Baumann Skin Typing System mean?

D= Dehydration or Dry Skin or O = Oily skin or Normal skin  

S= Sensitive Skin or R= Resistant Skin

P= Uneven skin pigment (dark spots on face) or N= No dark spots

W= Wrinkle-prone or T= Tight unwrinkled skin & healthy habits

Your 4-letter skin type designation code, called the Baumann Skin Type Indicator, takes one letter from each section above together to represent your Baumann Skin Type on the skin type chart. 

For example, DSNW is dry, sensitive, no uneven pigment, and wrinkle-prone. 

Are there any bad skin types?

While some skin types might be easier to take care of than others, all skin types can get to perfect skin health by following the right custom regimen.

Each skin type is prone to a different combination skin health concerns, so knowing your skin type is the first step towards skin health.

For example, Skin type 3 can experience all four barriers to skin health, while type 10 typically experiences none.

Each skin type has its own dedicated blog post, listed below. Check out yours for specific information and strategies on your skin.

Click on a Baumann Skin Type below to learn more:

How to Find Your Custom Skin Care Routine for Your Baumann Skin Type

Once you know your Baumann Skin Type, you will be given a custom skincare routine with exact product recommendations in a step by step morning and evening skin care routine. 

We will recommend our favorite product for each step of the routine, but each step has substitutes in case you have preferences or specific price ranges. 

How to find vegan products for my skin type

If you are a vegan, it can be a minefield to find cruelty free, animal free skin care products. Luckily, there are a few kinds of notation that make spotting vegan products a little easier.

Look for products labeled "clean," or "cruelty-free." Our customizable routines will allow you to choose based on your beliefs and still ensure that the skincare products are right for you!

Once you know your Baumann Skin Type, you'll have all the information you need for perfect skin health at your fingertips. Dive into the rabbit hole of our ingredient library; get real information backed by studies on where ingredients come from and what they do to skin.

You will receive a suggested skincare routine that is customized for your skin type and lifestyle habits.

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We hope you will join our community and share reviews, experiences and advice with others that have taken the same steps to skin health you have through the Baumann Skin Type system.

We are passionate about your skin care.

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