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Argan oil is a superior oil to soothe sensitive skin and is used in skin creams for eczema, psoriasis, rashes, dermatitis, skin aging, and rosacea. Argan oil comes from Morocco.  The type of argan oil with the most antioxidants is the “first press” from the argan nut. Roasted argan oil has a nutty flavor and is used for cooking or in salads but does not have as much antioxidant activity as the unroasted argan oil.[i]  Argan oil is soothing and hydrating because of the fatty acids it contains.  Linoleic acid is one of the strongest natural soothing ingredients to look for in oils.  Argan oil also contains stearic acid – one of the best fatty acids to repair the skin barrier.


Argan Oil Uses in Skin Care Products:



Acne- Argan oil is non-comedogenic. It helps get rid of the red marks left after pimples clear.

Sensitive Skin- Argan Oil is intended to soothe and calm skin. The oil is used in anti-inflammatory skincare products

Rosacea- Treat facial redness and soothes stinging skin.

Eczema- Look for Argan oil in barrier repair moisturizers designed to sooth eczema-prone skin.

Psoriasis- Helps calm and soothe itchy skin from psoriasis.

Razor rash- calms razor rash.




Skin Aging- Argan oil has antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and help protect the skin from aging.

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