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Adapalene vs Retinol: A Dermatologist's Guide

By Dr. Leslie Baumann on Mar 09, 2024

Adapalene and retinol bind different retinoid receptors and have some differences although their side effect profiles are very similar. Learn the differences between adapalene and retinol and which to choose to treat wrinkles, acne, and hyperpigmentation.

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Over Exfoliated Skin: What To Do When You Scrub Too Much

By Dr. Leslie Baumann on Feb 27, 2024

This article discusses what to do if you over-exfoliate your skin and why it is not good to use too many exfoliants in your skin care routine. We also explain how to heal over exfoliated skin.

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The Science of Neem Oil in Skin Care Products

By Dr. Leslie Baumann on Jan 17, 2024

Neem oil has become an increasingly popular natural oil in skin care. Derived from the neem tree (Azadirachta indica), this ancient Ayurvedic ingredient contains a weal...

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Noncomedogenic Skincare Products for Acne-prone Skin Types

By Dr. Leslie Baumann on Jan 12, 2024

Effective noncomedogenic skincare for acne-prone skin varies by age and gender and which Baumann Skin Type you are. Men need oil-free, shaving-friendly products. Teens should opt for products that won't clog pores or irritate skin. Menopausal women benefit from hydrating, hormone-sensitive options. Personalizing care based on skin type is essential. This article discusses all the best brands of noncomedogenic skincare to help you find an acne safe skincare routine.

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Flax seed oil in skin care products

By Dr. Leslie Baumann on Jan 11, 2024

Flaxseed oil is a versatile ingredient in skin care products, but there are some misconceptions about it. Get the facts and custom skin care advice from Dr. Leslie Baumann here!

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What Does Retinol Do for Acne?

By Dr. Leslie Baumann on Dec 31, 2023

Retinol is one of the most popular ingredients in skin care for a number of reasons, but one of its main benefits is its ability to treat acne. Find out all about retinol's effect on acne in this blog!

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Best Skincare Products for Acne- Dermatologist Acne Product Reviews

By Dr. Leslie Baumann on Nov 20, 2023

Dermatologist Dr. Leslie Baumann MD reviews of the best acne products for adults and teens. Learn which ingredients like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid treat acne based on your skin type, whether oily, dry, or sensitive. Shop smarter and create a custom skincare routine to clear breakouts fast.

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Uses of Macadamia Nut Oil in Skin Care Products

By Dr. Leslie Baumann on Oct 26, 2023

In this article, we go through the different compounds found in macadamia nut oil and describe their effect on skin health. This article will help you figure out if macadamia nut oil is right for your skin type!

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Pimple Scab: How to Heal Acne Scabs

By Dr. Leslie Baumann on Oct 04, 2023

Acne scabs and pimple scabs form as part of the normal wound healing process, but premature removal can lead to scarring. This article explains the three phases of wound repair and how acne lesions heal. It provides science-based guidance on what not to apply to open acne wounds, like salicylic acid, retinoids, witch hazel, and vitamin C, as these can irritate, slow cell growth, and disrupt scab formation. Instead, the article recommends using occlusive ointments and hydrocolloid bandages to protect lesions, retain moisture, and allow growth factors to accelerate healing. Follow these tips to help your acne scabs and pimple scabs heal faster and minimize the chances of scarring.

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Blind Pimples: How to Get Rid of Those Stubborn Hard Pimples Under the Skin

By Dr. Leslie Baumann on Oct 02, 2023

Learn about epidermal inclusion cysts, also called blind pimples or hard bumps under the skin. Discover what causes these painful cysts, symptoms to watch for, home remedies and OTC treatments, professional removal options, and when to call your dermatologist regarding these hard bumps under the surface of the skin.

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Skin Probiotics and Skin Care Products for the Microbiome

By Dr. Leslie Baumann on Sep 16, 2023

Learn how skin probiotics and prebiotics can help balance your skin microbiome and promote healthy skin bacteria. This article explains the skin microbiome - the community of microorganisms living on your skin - and how it impacts skin health. Discover why supporting microbial diversity through skin probiotics and prebiotics is key for acne, eczema, and other common skin conditions. Get the latest scientific research on how probiotic skincare ingredients like lactobacillus may increase good skin bacteria and treat skin disorders related to microbial imbalance. Promote skin health by nourishing your unique skin microbiome.

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Build an Acne Skin Care Routine For Your Skin Type

By Dr. Leslie Baumann on Aug 07, 2023

Not all acne prone sin is the same so there is no one best acne skin care routine that works for everyone. If you have oily, acne prone skin you need a different routine than if you have dry skin and acne. Cystic acne, hormonal acne and acne scars need custom dermatologist recommended acne routines. This article discusses the many types of acne skin care routines.

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