The Best Skin Care Routine for Your Skin Type

Find a skin care routine for your skin type

As a dermatologist, I am often asked “What is the best skin care routine for my skin type?” The answer is it depends upon your Baumann Skin Type! The best skin care routine will take into account all of your skin problems .


How to find the best skin care routine for my skin type?

Our scientific skin care routine software 40,000 dermatologist-developed skin routine templates to cover all of the 16 skin types.

We customize your skincare routine based on your skin concerns, skin type, for lifestyle habits and personal preferences.

Once you diagnose your Baumann Skin Type, you will receive a custom skin care routine. You will also be able to shop for skin care and read reviews using your Baumann Skin Type. No more guessing about which products to buy.

Change the way you shop for skin care and stop wasting money now!

When you use skin care products matters so follow the exact steps in your custom skin care routine.


The skin has a circadian rhythm, so your morning and evening skin care routine will differ. To have the most effective skincare routine for your skin type, you must:

Apply the best skin care routine for your skin type

Use products at the correct time of day

Use products in the correct skin care routine order

Pick the best products from many different brands

The best skin care routine for my skin

The diagram below shows a cross section of the skin. The colors correspond with the daily skin care routine steps for am and pm described in the morning and night skin care routines listed after the diagram. The order of the skin care routine steps you use matters. So follow the regimen steps exactly as we recommend in your custom skin care routine.

The Best Skin Care Regimen for Your Skin Type

The best skin care regimen advice personalized for you can be found here at this link.

You can also shop by skin type but it is best to use all of the products in your skin care routine to get the best results.


Dermatologist advice on skin care routines by skin type:



Dry Skin Care Regimen Tips

The best skin care routine for dry skin should have these types of products:

barrier repair moisturizer

AHA cleanser such as glycolic acid for morning

cream cleanser or cleansing oil for evening

serum to treat underlying issues such as hyperpigmentation, acne, rosacea or wrinkles

Click here to read more about Skincare Routines for Dry Skin Types.



Sensitive Skin Care Regimen Tips

The best skincare routine for sensitive skin depends upon which type of sensitive skin you have.

You can have more than one type of sensitive skin which makes designing a skin care regimen for sensitive skin even more challenging.

This is why we have over 40,000 different skin care routine in our software!


All types of sensitive skin need these in the skin care routine:

  1. Soothing Cleanser with anti-inflammatory ingredients
  2. A serum to treat either acne or inflammation
  3. A moisturizer with anti-inflammatory ingredients
  4. Chemical free SPF


Acne Prone Skin Care Regimen Tips

The correct skincare routine for acne needs at least 3 main types of products:

2 cleansers

1 antimicrobial acne treatment serum

1 retinoid

The acne cleanser you choose for your acne routine is important for the overall success of the routine.

Oily types should choose a BHA cleanser in the am and a foaming cleanser in the pm.

Dry types should use a AHA cleanser in the morning and a creamy cleanser in the evening.

Acne treatment serums with antimicrobials kill acne causing bacteria. These antimicrobials need to be used 2 times a day because acne causing bacteria multiplies every 12-16 hours.

These antibacterial products are used in step 3 of the am and pm regimen.

Examples include:

prescription antibiotic

benzoyl peroxide


other ingredients that kill acne causing bacteria.

The skincare products used in an acne skincare routine can irritate those with the 3 other types of sensitive skin: redness, stinging and allergic skin types.

A huge number of people have more than one type of sensitive skin- so let us help you design your acne routine- especially if you have multiple types of sensitive skin.

Dry skin types with acne also need a carefully designed routine because acne treatment medications such as benzoyl peroxide and tretinoin used to treat acne prone skin are very irritating to dry, rosacea-prone and stinging skin types.

If you have acne, you need to avoid pore clogging ingredients in your skin care routine.

Let us guide you!



Rosacea Type Sensitive Skin Care Routine Tips

The first step in a skin care routine for facial redness is to determine the cause of facial redness.so that the cause can be targeted with skin care ingredients.

Your skin care routine may be causing your red face!

Skin care routine mistakes that cause a red face:


Oily Skin Care Routine Tips

The sebum (oil) on the skin produced by oily skin types:

protects the skin

hydrates the skin

prevent water from evaporating off the skin

keeps skincare products from penetrating into the skin

Sebum should be completely removed from the skin before applying any skincare products. Otherwise -you are wasting your money on products that will not penetrate through the skin’s oily protective layer.

This means that the most important products in an oily skin care routine is the cleanser.

The cleanser makes the rest of the oily skin care routine work better.

Do not use cleaning oils and creamy cleansers when you have oily skin.

You should use a different cleanser in the am and pm when you have oily skin.

If you have oily skin, wash your face 2 times a day with 1-2 of these dermatologist recommended oily skin cleansers:




Combination Skin Care Routine Tips

Do you have combination skin?

No you don’t!

That is a trick question because there is no scientific category for combination skin.

My guess is you are really oily. I know an easy way to find out - take the personalized skin care quiz!


Mature Skin Care Routine Tips

Although there is not a scientific category for mature skin, in the Baumann Skin Typing System "mature skin" is called a Wrinkle-Prone Skin Type.

Wrinkle prone skin is defined as skin that is over 30 years old or is exposed to detrimental things such as sun, pollution, smoke, blue light, poor diet, stress and lack of sleep.

Mature skin needs anti-aging ingredients.

Retinoids are the best products for mature skin but their efficacy depends upon what cleansers and moisturizers are chosen.

The best retinol for beginners are here:

Find a skincare routine for your mature skin that also treats your other skin issues.

What Products Should I Be Using in My Skin Routine?

That’s easy- it depends upon your Baumann Skin Type!

You need:

The correct ingredients

Products placed on your skin in the correct skin routine order

Products used at the correct time of day

Products that are manufactured and packaged correctly.

Example of why this all matters- retinol.

Retinol (a retinoid) is the most important anti-aging ingredient skincare routines. It is also used for acne and to lighten dark spots on the skin.

The bad news is that over 50% of retinol containing skincare products are not manufactured properly. If they are stirred in an open vat (like a huge Kitchen Aid mixer) they are inactivated by air and light. They must be stirred in dark airless conditions. When the serum is transferred into bottles, this must also be done without exposure to light or air. This process is expensive and many companies do not take the extra step and expense.

Retinol also does not work when applied in the morning due to exposure to sunlight. This is why we tell you to sue it at night. The moisturizer and cleanser you use affects how well the retinol will work.

So if you choose the wrong products or apply them at the wrong time of day you are wasting your time and money on retinoids that don’t work.

Don’t worry- We are here to help you! All you need to do is choose a skin care regimen right for your Baumann Skin Type.


What Should Your Skin Type Skin Routine Look Like?

By now you should have gotten my point that I can give you advice on the best skincare routine once you know your skin type.

You can even shop for products based on your skin type.

Once I know your skin type, I can give you the correct skincare routine for your skin type but you can choose from many options of brands and price points.

It’s the only way to be certain that you are using the correct skincare products and skincare routine steps for your unique skin type.

Can I combine products from different brands in my skin care regimen?

Yes! You can put the best products from different skin care brands together in the same skin care routine.

Each skin care brand has a competency in a certain area.

No one skin care brand is best at everything. - (although they would love for you to believe they are!)

In other words, one brand might make the best Vitamin C serum, while another brand specializes in stem cells, growth factors or exosomes.

You want to combine the best technologies from several different skin care brands in your daily regimen steps.

But- the key is to make sure the products are compatible because you want:

The products to increase the effectiveness of each other

To decrease side effects

To make sure the products are not inactivating each other.

Does your age matter when choosing products for your skin care regimen?

Yes! Your age helps determine what products to use in your daily regimen.

These factors are considered when we design your regimen:

Daily habits

Are you pregnant?

Are you breastfeeding?


How often do you use moisturizer?

Do you get pimples?

Is your skin sensitive?

Does your skin sting?

Is your skin rough or dull?

Do you have brown spots?

What cosmetic concerns do you have?

Do you feel dry after washing your face?

Do you like the feel of heavy moisturizer?

Come tell us your answers and we will give you the best skin care regimen for your age and skin concerns.

Best antiaging skin care routines by decade:

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