Dermatologist Recommended Skincare Routine For Your 40s

If you are in your 40s, now it is time to get on a dermatologist-recommended skin care routine. But what is the best skincare after 40? You are in the right place.

I am a dermatologist in Miami, FL that researches skincare. Over 200 dermatologists and other physicians work use the Bauman Skin Typing System to prescribe skincare to their patients.


If you would rather find skincare at home, you can take our scientifically validated quiz and get a skin care routine that you can further customize based on your brand preferences and budget. It’s the next best thing to seeing a dermatologist- but- you can do it from home. (See how our quiz was validated here.)



Whether you are a man or a women, the best skincare routine in your 40s needs to focus on any barriers to skin health that are keeping your skin from looking as young, clear and smooth as possible. Here is some general advice about the best skincare routine for the 40s, but you need to know if you have one of the issues below before an optimal skincare routine for your early, mid or late 40s can be recommended.

Skin Care Routine for 40 year olds

The best skin care regimen will include skincare products with antiaging ingredients. There are many different types of antiaging cosmeceutical ingredients. Which is best depends upon your skin type.



But before I can give you advice on the best moisturizer, night creams and other products for your 40s, I need to know more about your skin. If you took the quiz and know your Baumann Skin Type already- you will get more personalized skincare advice.

If not- follow these suggestions:

Best Skincare for Oily Skin Over 40

Step 1 to finding a face cream or serum is to figure out if you have oily or dry skin.

This depends upon two things:

1. How much sebum (oil) you make?

2. How strong is your skin barrier?

Over 80% of people guess incorrectly[i] [ii] about how much sebum their skin makes. This is why you should take the quiz.



Your Skincare Regimen Should Target Common Skin Conditions in Your 40s

In your third decade of life, it is common to have these skin conditions: acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and melasma. Your skincare routine should treat all of your skin problems- not just one of them. Two or more of these skin problems can occur at the same time. For example, you may have acne that leaves a dark spot when the pimple heals. For example you may have inflamed skin and melasma, In that case it would be important that the skin lightening ingredients in your routine do not worsen your skin’s inflammation.

Do you have any of these issues? If so- read more about them by following the link.


Rough skin

Dull skin



Skin redness/ red face/ rosacea

Unevenness of Skin Tone

Fine lines and wrinkles

Best Natural Skincare Routine in your 40s

If you prefer organic, natural and vegan skincare in your skincare regimen, that is fine. There are good products out there. Just make sure that they have the best ingredients for your Baumann Skin Type. Ingredients that do not come in a natural organic version are retinoids. Don’t waste money on natural or plant-based products that claim to have Vitamin A, carotenoids, carrot extract and other forms of Vitamin. Only these forms of retinoids are effective.

What do most 40-year-olds do wrong with skin care?

Most 40-years-olds combine expensive skin care products in their skin care routine that inactivate each other. This means you are wasting time and money.

First of all- you might not need to spend a lot of money on skin care.

Secondly- you might not need that product you are buying.

Thirdly, your cleanser or moisturizer or other products in the skin care regimen may be affecting the efficacy of that expensive antiaging serum you bought.

Our regimen builder helps you choose each step of your regimen so that the products work together- even if they are from different brands.

Make sure you are not making any of these skincare mistakes:


Incorrectly guessing your skin type

Treating one skin problem rather than all of your skin conditions

Using the wrong skin care products

Using products that cancel each other out

Using products in the wrong skin care routine order

Over exfoliating

Getting procedures they do not need and cause side effects


How To Take Care of Your Skin in your 40s

This is easy! Find your Baumann Skin Type and follow the regimen builder to build a custom skincare routine to target any underlying barriers to skin health that you have. Watch your email for skincare advice specific for your Baumann Skin Type.

You will be able to read reviews for others with the same skin type you have- that makes the reviews more meaningful to you. Keep yourself informed by following @SkinTypeSolutions on social media or watching and participating in our Skin Type Talks on YouTube. Browse our skincare library to learn all about skin care products and skin science that you are interested in.

Skincare on a Budget- Not Enough Time or Money

Don’t worry, I am here to help you narrow it down to when to save and when to splurge. I can also help you find what products really matter and which you can skip.

Affordable Skincare Routine 40s

No matter what you Baumann Skin Type is, you can find affordable skincare by using our skincare regimen builder found after you take the quiz. This regimen builder allows you to choose skin care products for each step of your skincare routine. For example, you will be given a choice of night creams from many brands that are right or your skin type. You can choose by price, brand or other concerns like vegan, clean and gluten free. This allows you to buy products that are right for you and let you choose from affordable options.

Simple Skincare Routine for 40s

Your skin care routine will be simple if you do not have very many barriers to skin health. You can get away with a good cleanser, sunscreen and retinoid in some cases. However, you will need more products if you have more underlying skin conditions to treat.

Best Skincare Products for 40s

I will review some of my favorite products, but you will get better advice in an email that you receive after taking the quiz.

Best antiaging skincare for 40 somethings

This is such an important topic that I have written a separate blog about antiaging skincare in your 40s. ADD LINK Click here to learn more about the causes of skin aging and click here to find antiaging skincare routines.

Best sunscreen for your 40s

I cannot stress this enough: Use a sunscreen- EVERYDAY! Sunscreen is proven to slow skin aging and even skin tone. Sunscreen protects your skin from developing inflammation from ultraviolet radiation damage and other forms of light. If you are in your 40s and have not found a sunscreen you want to use every day- then I bet you are not shopping by your Baumann Skin Type. Most skin types like tinted sunscreens to protect your skin from blue light emitted from your phone. (Yes - your phone! Yikes!)

Best Facial Cleanser for your 40s

The second most important product that 40 years olds should carefully choose is a facial cleanser. The type of cleanser depends upon your skin concerns. For example, if you have facial redness and sensitive skin, consider an anti-inflammatory cleanser such as the face washes recommended by dermatologists for rosacea. Preventing inflammation at an early age will help reduce overall skin damage and keep your skin tone even. Using the wrong skin cleanser can lead to skin dehydration, inflammation, pigmentation and skin aging. If you have dry skin, learn more about cleansing dry skin here.

Find the best cleansers for your Baumann Skin Type here

Best Face Cream and Moisturizer for 40 year olds

The best face cream for your 40 something skin will have ingredients that target your barriers to skin health. Creams are better for dry skin, serums are better for oily skin. Step 3 of your morning regimen usually has ingredients that target your skin issues, while step 4 has a moisturizer that makes step 3 work better. You should splurge on the step 3 product and save on the step 4 moisturizer. In most cases step 3 and 4 of the am and pm regimen can be the same- but again- it depends upon your Baumann Skin Type. If you have dry skin, you need a barrier repair moisturizer.

These are our favorite Barrier Repair Creams:

Best Night Cream in your 40s

If you have any of my blogs on night creams and skin aging, Then you already know that the best night cream or night serums is a retinoid. There is a lot of evidence-based data on retinoids and we have a really good understanding of how retinoids work to prevent and treat skin wrinkles.

Tips For your Skin.jpg

Tips for taking care of your skin in your 40s


Diagnose your Baumann Skin Type®


Take the quiz

Find a dermatologist or medical provider that uses the Baumann Skin Typing System

Shop By your Baumann Skin Type


Try a tinted sunscreen and use it instead of facial foundation.

If you have oily skin, skip the moisturizer in the am and apply a SPF instead

Make sure you are using the best face wash for your Baumann Skin Type

Choose a night cream based on which barriers to skin health that you have


Is the 40s too early to worry about skin aging?

Everyone in their 40s needs to be on an aging prevention skin care routine with antiaging cosmeceutical ingredients.

Best Skincare Routine For Early, Mid and Late 40s

By now- you know the drill. Take the quiz and do the regimen builder to choose the best products from nay brands and price points. It’s all there- customized for YOU!

Want to learn more? Browse the skincare library or Join us on social media @SkinTypeSolutions

[i] Youn, S. W., Kim, S. J., Hwang, I. A., & Park, K. C. (2002). Evaluation of facial skin type by sebum secretion: discrepancies between subjective descriptions and sebum secretion. Skin Research and Technology, 8(3), 168-172.

[ii] Our data on file

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