Which Vitamin C Serum is Best?

Find the best dermatologist-recommended Vitamin C Serums

Shopping for Vitamin C serums and want to make sure you buy the best one for your skin type?

This blog is a guide to help you find the Vitamin C Serum for your Baumann Skin Type.

I am a dermatologist who who tests products on the 16 different Baumann Skin Types.

I am here to help you shop for and buy the best Vitamin C serum for your skin type and budget.

In my 20 years of skin care research, I have found which Vitamin C serum is best for dermatologists.

These Vitamin C serums for best for most Baumann Skin Types:

Cera Ve Skin Renewing Vitamin C Serum

Derma Made Antioxidant C Serum +

La Roche Posay Vitamin C Serum

Skinceuticals CE Ferulic

Skinceuticals Serum 10 AOX+

However, you really need to know your Baumann Skin Type so we can give you exact brand advice and tell you where in your skin care routine to use Vitamin C.


Splurge or Save on Vitamin C?

To Find the most affordable Vitamin C serums, Here is a List of good Vitamin C serums that you can browse.

Find Vit C brands that are cruelty free, clean, or natural by shopping by your preferences:


What is the number 1 dermatologist recommended brand of Vitamin C Serum?

What Vitamin C serum do dermatologists recommend? It depends upon your Baumann Skin Type.

Lets look at SkinCeuticals Serums and see which SkinCeuticals Serum dermatologists choose for each skin type.

There are many types of Vitamin C skincare products, but Skinceuticals was the first and is still the most popular.

But there are many different SkinCeuticals serums with Vitamin C. How do you choose which is best for your skin type?

Diagnose your Baumann Skin Type

Receive step by step routine recommendations

Choose from a list of Vitamin C serums

Read reviews from others with your same Baumann Skin type

Once you know your Baumann Skin Type, you can read the reviews of SkinCeuticals Vitamin C Serums from others with the same Baumann Skin Type as you.

Look for your Baumann Skin Type octagon that corresponds with your Skin Type.

Only read Vitamin C reviews from others with your same Baumann Skin Type.

How To Choose Which SkinCeuticals Vitamin C Serum is Best For Your Skin Type?

SkinCeuticals Vitamin C for Dry Skin Types

If you have a dry skin type then SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic is suitable for you. It contains 15% pure vitamin C, vitamin E and ferulic acid in a moisturizing gel that sometimes feels greasy but most dry skin types love.

SkinCeuticals Vitamin C for Oily Skin Types

For oily skin types, we recommend ascorbic acid serums rather than creams or lotions.

SkinCeuticals Vitamin C for Sensitive Skin Types

There are 4 types of sensitive skin and Vitamin C is not right for all of them.

In fact, most sensitive skin types do not do well with Vitamin C.

Take the quiz before buying ANY Vitamin C serums!

Rosacea Prone Skin and Vitamin C

Rosacea skin types are a type of sensitive skin that do not do well with Vitamin C. The low pH of Vitamin C causes stinging that will irritate rosacea prone skin.

Acne-prone skin and Vitamin C

In some cases, Vitamin C can make acne worse. It is unknown why this is.

However, if you If you have acne-prone skin and pimples cause dark spots on the skin, Vitamin C can help lighten post acne hyperpigmentation.

Acne is a form of inflammation that can stimulate the production of melanin, but using a vitamin C serum can both decrease inflammation and prevent the dark spots that pimples can leave behind.

Darker skin types are more prone to getting dark spots on the skin after an acne pimple has cleared.

Our favorite Skinceuticals vitamin C serum for acne is SkinCeuticals C + AHA,.

This vitamin C serum that combines the power of alpha-hydroxy acids to exfoliate the skin and keep it clear of blemishes and clogged pores.

This serum contains 15% pure vitamin C (l-ascorbic acid) and a 10% combination of glycolic and lactic acids, which help to break the bonds on the outer layer of the skin, thus breaking up the excess pigmentation.

The best SkinCeuticals vitamin C serum for dark spots from acne on dark skin types

SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF, is non-comedogenic face serum that contains 10% l-ascorbic acid.

Phloretin is a powerful antioxidant derived from apples that helps to improve uneven skin tone and lighten discoloration on black skin.

This serum helps post inflammatory hyperpigmentation caused by pimples and acne.

Are Skinceuticals Serums Worth The Money?

Vitamin C serums by SkinCeuticals are worth the money- but- you may not even need a Vitamin C serum.

Vitamin C increases collagen levels and has been shown to brighten skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. But is it right for you? There are better ways to lighten dark spots and erase wrinkles.

Are there better options to spend your money on?

We can tell you. All you need to do is shop for Vitamin C serums with your Baumann Skin Type.

Once you know your skin type you can see if others with the same Baumann Skin Type as you think that these serums are worth the money.

Make sure Vitamin C is the best product for your skin type before spending the money.

What is The most Affordable SkinCeuticals Vitamin C Serum?

Skinceuticals Serum 10 Aox+ is the cheapest Vitamin C serum and it works well.

As with any Vitamin C serum, once you open it- use it up fast!

If you use it 2 times a day, it should last a month.

Best Vitamin C Serum for over 50?

Vitamin C serums with L-ascorbic acid such as Derma Made Antioxidant C Serum + and Skinceuticals C E ferulic are best for women and men over age 50.. When you are over 50, you need to use combine with a retinol serum.

Shop by your Baumann Skin Type to find the best serums for you.

Best Vitamin C Serum for beginners?

Try an inexpensive serum first when beginning Vitamin C serums because they can sting some skin types.

I suggest these Vitamin C Serums for beginners:

Cera Ve Skin Renewing Vitamin C Serum

Derma Made Antioxidant C Serum +

La Roche Posay Vitamin C Serum

Replenix Age Restore Vitamin C Brightening Serum

Skinceuticals Serum 10 AOX+

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