Skin Care Routine for Dry Skin on Face

What skin care routine is best for dry skin?

Looking for the perfect skin care routine for a dry face? Our dermatologists can help!

Dry skin is caused by a defect in the skin barrier that leads to dehydration.

If you have dry skin, your skin care routine should focus on protecting and repairing the skin barrier.

Best Morning Skin Care Routine Steps for Dry Skin:

Best Night Skin Care Routine Steps for Dry Skin:

How to build a skin care routine for dry skin

Most people are wrong about whether their skin is oily, combination or dry.

SO, the first step to building a skin care routine for dry skin is to properly identify your Baumann Skin Type.

Each skin type needs a completely different skin care routine.

Once you have properly diagnosed you skin as a dry skin type:

You will receive a custom skin care routine

Our regimen builder shows you the exact regimen steps

You can choose products for each step of the skin care routine from a list of products from many brands.

You will know if you have other issues besides dehydration that your skin care routine should target.

The best skin care routine steps for dry skin:

Whether you have dry skin, very dry skin, or extremely dry skin these skin care regimen steps are for you:

  1. Cleanse with a non-foaming cleanser such as a cream or cleansing oil.
  2. Apply and eye cream with fatty acids to hydrate and protect delicate eye skin.
  3. Apply a serum to treat any other conditions like acne, melasma, rosacea, or wrinkles.
  4. Apply a barrier repair moisturizer
  5. Apply a sunscreen in the am and in the pm a retinoid or retinoid alternative.

Which products to use in a dry skin care regimen?

Cleansers and moisturizers are the most important products in a skin care routine to treat dry skin because they directly affect the skin barrier.

Best moisturizers in a dry skin routine

The best moisturizers for dry skin types are barrier repair moisturizers, but there are many different barrier repair moisturizers -so how do you choose one for your dry skin routine?

For example, the brand Zerafite was created for dry skin types and they have 4 good moisturizers for dry skin.

All 4 barrier repair moisturizers show the Maltese Cross pattern under a microscope.

  1. Zerafite Barrier Repair Moisturizer- simple basic moisturizer
  2. Zerafite Soothing and Calming- contains anti-inflammatory and anti-redness ingredients
  3. Zerafite Wrinkle Defense Barrier Cream- has antioxidants and protects skin from pollution
  4. Zerafite Skin Brightening Barrier Cream- has skin lightening ingredients and unsaturared fatty acids to help skin lightening serums work better.


Best cleansers in a dry skin routine?

The best cleansers are non foaming and creamy without many detergents.

These can be cleansing oils or cream cleansers.

These are the best 5 cleansers for your dry skin routine:

  1. Alastin Ultra Calm Cleansing Cream
  2. Avene Xeracalm Cleansing Oil
  3. Medature Plantract Cleansing Gel
  4. PCA Skin Daily Cleansing Oil
  5. Zerafite Creamy Cleanser

Shop for dry skin products for my skin care routine

We will tell you exactly which products are best and give you a list of products from many brands.

But we need to know your Baumann Skin Type so we can give you a perfect skin care routine customized for YOU.

There are 8 different Dry Baumann Skin Types and each needs a different skin care routine.

You will save time and money by shopping for dry skin care with your Baumann Skin Type.

What is best for extremely dry skin on the face?

Avoid retinoids when you have extremely dry skin because you will have more side effects.

Although humectant moisturizers with hyaluronic acid and glycerin will make skin look better temporarily, you are better off with a barrier repair moisturizer that will give you long term improvement of skin dryness.

These moisturizers treat extremely dry skin:

How to cure dry skin on the face overnight?

A quick fix for extremely dry skin is to layer a barrier repair moisturizer over a hyaluronic acid serum before going to bed.

Here are the best HA serums to use under a heavy moisturizer at bedtime:

How to treat dry skin on the face?

The skin care products in your skin care regimen should solve the underlying problems that are causing dry skin:

  1. Broken skin barrier
  2. Water evaporating from the skin’s surface
  3. Using the wrong cleanser
  4. Using the wring moisturizer
  5. Over exfoliating

Do I need to wash my face in the morning if I have dry skin?

If you have extremely dry skin on the face, you do not need to cleanse your dry skin in the morning.

You can wake up and apply a barrier repair moisturizer to your face right away- if you washed your face the night before.

You must always wash your face at night to remove sunscreen, sebum, dirt and pollution.

Always use a dry skin cleanser that was developed specifically for dry skin. Cleanser splay a very important role in skin moisturization.

Here are some good cream cleansers and cleansing oils for dry skin:

Natural skin care routine for dry skin

You can use natural oils to treat dry skin. The best natural oils are:

Argan oil

Borage oil

Evening Primrose Oil

Safflower oil

Affordable skin care routine for dry skin

The best way to find an affordable routine is to take the quiz and when we give you our recommendations for a skin care routine- click on the starter routine.

This will show you the 3 most important products for your skin care routine.

You will be able to choose products that fit your budget.

Before we talk about skin care routine steps for dry skin, lets take a moment to discuss what you might be doing wrong in your skin care routine to make your skin get super dry.

What Are the Biggest Mistakes that Dry Skin Types Make in Their Skin Care Routines?

  1. Many cleansers strip lipids out of the skin’s surface. Many people are using the wrong cleanser and causing their skin to be dry. You must use a barrier safe cleanser. Learn more how to find a cleanser for dry skin here.
  2. Many of my patients use heavy luxurious moisturizers that feel nice, but they do not actually repair the skin barrier. and can ultimately dry the skin. There are certain criteria a moisturizer must meet to repair the barrier. In fact, having an incorrect amount of lipids in a moisturizer actually injures the skin barrier. Learn more about barrier repair moisturizers here.

Best Moisturizers for Dry skin

Most dry skin moisturizers treat the symptoms of dry skin rather than treating the cause of dry skin. Look for barrier repair moisturizers that treat the underlying issue rather than the symptoms.

How long does it take for dry skin to heal?

If you consistently use the right skin care routine for your Baumann Skin Type, your dry skin will heal in 14 days. You will begin to notice impartment in 3 days.

If you have dry skin, everything that you put on your skin affects your skin’s health.

When your skin barrier is impaired, everything gets in easier including bacteria, skin care products, allergens and irritants.

It is critical identity your Baumann Skin Type and build a skin care routine to target all of your skin's issues- not just dehydration.

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