Why Do I Need 2 Different Face Cleansers in My Skin Care Routine?

Why 2 Different Face Cleansers in my Skin Care Regimen?

Why do i need two cleansers for my skin care routine?

Should I use a different face wash morning and night? 

When you get your skin care regimen advice from us, you may notice 2 different face cleansers in your skin care regimen.

The skin care routines that our dermatologists have chosen for you choose the cleansers best for your Baumann Skin Type.

There are chosen for many reasons but one important reason is to maximize the benefits of the products that follow. You see- the cleanser you use will affect the absorption of the ingredients in serums and creams that you use after cleansing.

In some cases, this means that a different cleanser should be used in the morning and night skin care regimen.

So follow our advice and use 2 different face cleansers if this is what our dermatologists recommend.

If you already took the skin type quiz, you can find our recommended skin care routine for you here.

Why 2 Face Cleansers

2 Different Face Cleansers

This blog discusses using a 2 face cleansers:

  1. One in the morning
  2. One at night 

We are not referring to double cleansing which means washing your face 2 times in the morning or 2 times at night.  That will be discussed in a different blog.

Difference between morning and evening cleansers

Morning Cleansers

In many skin care routines, antioxidants are used in the am regimen to protect the skin from sun and pollution. Vitamin C is often the antioxidant that is chosen. Vitamin C does not penetrate well into the skin unless the pH is 2- 2.5. So, if you are using a Vitamin C serum in the am, the best cleanser choice is a low pH cleanser.

Examples of low pH cleansers:



Salicylic acid

Which of these low pH cleansers is best for you depends upon your Baumann Skin Type

However, if you have a sensitive skin type, a cleanser with soothing anti-inflammatory ingredients may be a better choice in the morning.

Evening Cleansers

Cleansers used at night must have enough detergents to remove sunscreen, dirt, makeup and pollution. For this reason, the cleansers used at night are stronger than morning cleansers. Unless you have very oily skin, you cannot use a strong foaming cleanses two times a day without experiencing some skin irritation or dryness.

Evening cleansers for oily skin:

These are foaming cleansers are the best for oily types to sue at night to remove dirt, pollution and sunscreen.

Evening cleansers for dry skin:

These cleansers are safe for the skin barrier and can be used twice a day without irritation. However, they often have a higher pH so are not as good to use prior to a Vitamin C serum as low pH cleansers are. This is why these non-foaming, low foam, or creamy cleansers are used in the evening while low pH cleansers are using in the morning.

Remember- these are general rules that can vary by Baumann Skin Type. It is best to follow the exact skin care routine instructions that we give you once we know you Baumann Skin Type. If you are advised to use two different cleansers- follow our advice to get the best results from your customized skin care routine.

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