Antiaging Skin Care Ingredient Dictionary and List

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Which antiaging ingredients are best? There are many scientifically proven antiaging ingredients, however, many of them are greatly affected by which skin care products you combine them with in your skin care routine. For antiaging ingredients to really work, you need to choose the best ones for you and use them properly.  Below is a list of the different types of antiaging ingredients.

Which antiaging ingredient is best for you depends upon your Baumann Skin Type®.


What are the best antiaging ingredients?

The science of skin aging is getting very interesting and scientific discoveries are resulting in scientifically-proven antiaging treatments for the skin.  Some anti-aging creams work, and some are a waste of money. The best wrinkle creams on the market are evidence-based and scientifically proven. But- if you are not a scientist, it is hard to know the difference between pseudoscience and what really works.  Our team of dermatologists will help you decipher anti-aging skincare claims and understand what really works. Click on the anti-aging ingredient category below to learn more about that class of anti-aging ingredients and find out which ingredients work on wrinkles and sagging skin.

List of Antiaging Ingredient Categories in Skincare:


Anti-inflammatory Ingredients

Antioxidant Ingredients

Autophagy increasing ingredients-

Cellular senescence decreasing ingredients


DNA Repair Enzymes



              Heparan Sulfate

              Hyaluronic Acid

Growth Factors


Pollution protection and antipollution ingredients





Erase Wrinkles vs Prevent Wrinkles

Starting early and preventing wrinkles is always better than trying to remove wrinkles. Learn what causes skin aging and  what age should you begin antiaging skincare?

There are so many different types of antiaging ingredients and many of the antiaging skin care products are very expensive.  You do not want to waste time and money and maybe cause damage to your skin by using the wrong ones, or using them incorrectly, or using them with other products that inactivate them or increase the side effects.  Don't worry.  We will help you make better skincare routine choices and find the best antiaging ingredients for your Baumann Skin Type.

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