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Skincare Routine Quiz Used by Doctors

Our dermatologist-developed skin care routine quiz is the one used by doctors in their medical offices to prescribe custom skin care routines. You can use our skin care routine quiz to build a skin care routine for your skin type. There are 16 Baumann Skin Types and over 40,000 skin care routine templates in our system.

Wondering what your skin care routine should be- we have the scientific solution and answer!  Once you take the personalized skin care quiz, you can choose from a list of products that are right for you.  You will get a step by step skin care routine and product suggestions from many brands. Scroll through the list of recommended products that are right for your skin type and build your own routine based on your brand preferences, values, and budget.

The skin care routine builder quiz only takes 2-3 minutes!  How you answer the questions will determine how we build your routine.  For example, we will ask you if you prefer tinted or untinted sunscreen.  Every question helps builds you build the perfect dermatologist recommended skin care routine.

You will begin building your routine choosing from two main options:

  1. A complete 5 step routine for faster results
  2.  Basic routine that has the 3 most important products.  

Once you choose the number of steps in your routine, you will see our recommendations and you can switch them out if you wish with products from different brands- knowing that are right for you and they are in the best routine step order.

Get started now and see how fun, easy, and empowering it is to shop by your Baumann Skin Type!

Doctors testing skin care routine quiz

Create a Skincare Routine for Me

Looking for a free skincare routine quiz that really works?  This is the only place you can use the same questionnaire that doctors use to prescribe a skincare routine.  

 Our personal skincare routine quiz is free and is 3-5 minutes.  Our skin type quiz is legit!   This is the quiz used by researchers who study the effects of different skincare ingredients on various skin types.  It is accurate and validated.

Go to scholar.google and type in Baumann Skin Type and you will see that this is the skin type quiz used around the world to design custom skin care routines.

How to build a good skin care routine

Skincare routine quiz for regimen steps

Why build a skin care routine with Skin Type Solutions?

We are the only website that uses the legit Baumann Skin Typing Quiz.  All others are imposters! Beware!  Even if they steal our exact questions, they do not have our code on how we match products to your skin type and quiz question answers. We spent a decade testing combinations of skin care products on various skin types so our knowledge can help you build a good routine. This is why we are certain we are the best way to build a skin care routine.

We constantly validate our quiz and test the skin care products on different Baumann Skin Types with over 200 doctors that use our system in their medical practices and give us feedback.

The first step to start to build a skin care routine is to know your Baumann Skin Type.

Your skin care routine quiz results will:

  • Identify your Baumann Skin Type.
  • Teach you about your skin type
  • Help you to build a personalized skin care routine
  • Allow you to choose from many brands
  • Give you and exact step by step routine

You can mix and match the best products from many brands to build your routine.

The product recommendations are based on your skin care routine quiz answers.

Soon you will be able to read product reviews from others with the same skin type as you- and you can help others with your same skin type by leaving your reviews. 

who owns Baumann skincare routine quiz

Is Skin Type Solutions Legit? Why We Have the Best Skin Care Routine Builder?

Our skin care routine quiz is validated, used by doctors including over 100 dermatologists, and is used by cosmetic companies in skin care product research.

We are the only legitimate skin care routine builder based on science and found in textbooks. Our quiz is better than Sephora, Ulta, Clinique, Neutrogena, Cera Ve and other skin care quizzes used to make a skin care routine:

Most researched skin care routine quiz

Sephora Skin Care Quiz

Is the Sephora Skin Care Routine Builder good?

The Sephora skin care quiz allows you to shop from many brands.  However, the downsides of the are:

We do not feel the Sephora skin care test is accurate enough. It is not evidence-based, all the brands are not dermatologist- tested and medical grade skin care lines.

Clinique Skin Type Quiz and Calculator

The Clinique skin type quiz was the first that I remember.  This brand was developed by a dermatologist and was revolutionary in being the first to match a skin care routine to your skin types.  I loved sliding the little tabs to see what my skin type was.  But this skin typing system looked at eye color and hair color which do not play a role in building a scientific skin care routine.

The Clinique skin care routine quiz only gives you recommendations for Clinique products and does not allow you to choose the best products from different brands.

Clinique vintage skin type calculator

Skin Care Routine Builder Before and After Pictures

Use our online routine-builder quiz to properly combine and layer products from many different skin care brands.

We tell you exactly which products from many brands are right for you- and let you build your own skin regimen- based on your preferences.

You can share your before and after pictures on social media and win points towards free skin care products.  Look for before and after pictures from others with your same Baumann Skin Type.

Maria Paula is a Baumann Skin type 3. She built a skin care routine using our quiz. Here are her before and after pictures.

You can hear from Maria Paula and others about how a custom skin care routine helped their skin in our YouTube Skin Type talks playlist where different skin types show their results and talk about their skin concerns.

before and after pictures Baumann Skin Type 3

The best dermatologist-developed skin care routine quiz is:

The Baumann Skin Typing Quiz! 

It is 

You can find a doctor that uses our system or take the dermatologist-developed skin type quiz online. 

skin care routine quiz used by dermatologists

Our Personalized Skincare Routine Quiz Helps You Build A Custom Skin Care Regimen

  • Gives exact skin care routine steps
  • Personalizes the routine steps based on your Baumann Skin Type
  • Allows you to customize by brand preferences and values
  • Shop from list of products for each step
  • Decide if you want a full regimen of 5-6 products for faster results or a more basic routine with the 3 most important products.

Skin care regimen builder that includes different brands

You can include products from multiple brands when you use the routine-builder. Over 40 physician dispensed and medical grade skin care brands are included in our system including SkinCeuticals, Elta MD, La Roche Posay, Alastin, Defenage, Plated Skin Science, Sente and other skin care brands sold by dermatologists.

We give you an exact skin care routine with steps after you take the skin care routine quiz.

You can personalize each step of your custom routine from a list of products from multiple medical grade brands.

Choose the best products from various brands and combine them together with our skin care routine builder.

Shop by preferences such as vegan, clean, affordable, organic, or a particular skin care brand that you like.

Enjoy feeling confidence that every product in the routine you build is right for your Baumann Skin Type.

Our skin care routine builder will save you time and money. You can earn points with purchases that you can use towards products.

Don't make the mistake of buying the wrong skin care products again.

Get started now!

Level up your skin care knowledge with medical advice from dermatologists

How to build a skin care routine

Take the online skin care routine quiz developed by Dr. Leslie Baumann MD that asks a series of questions that have been tested on over 200,000 dermatology patients around the world. This is the skin care routine quiz used by dermatologists and researchers and is found in medical textbooks.

What skin care products do I need?

It depends on which of 16 Baumann Skin Types you are. Take the free dermatologist developed online quiz which will help you build a custom skin care routine.

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