Baumann Skin Type 8: OSNW

Baumann Skin Type 8: OSNW

Baumann Skin Type Number 8 is one of the most common of the 16 Baumann Skin Types®.

The OSNW Skin Type stands for Oily, Sensitive, No Uneven Pigment, and Wrinkle-Prone.

If you are a Baumann Skin Type 8 you have two barriers to skin health that need to be corrected: inflammation and aging.

The best skin care products for you will have anti-inflammatory and antiaging ingredients.

The good news is that Baumann Skin Type 8 can fairly easily achieve healthier and more beautiful skin by following the custom skin care routine advice that targets your skin’s unique characteristics.

Link to our dermatologist -recommended skin care routine for your skin type and quiz results.

What Are the Benefits of Having the OSNW Skin Type?

Your skin makes an adequate amount of oil (called sebum). You may not have realized you are an oily skin type- but it is good to have natural sebum on the skin. How can you be sure you have oily skin? You can read more here about how to know if you skin is oily or dry- but trust the quiz results! It has been validated on 100,000s of patients.

Sebum has moisturizing fatty acids and protective antioxidants Like Vitamin E

Fatty acids are a type of lipid that help build your skin barrier so you do not need heavy moisturizers and oils on your skin. This is why many face creams and sunscreens can feel too heavy or greasy on your skin.

However, sebum coats the skin and can prevent antiaging skin serums from getting into the skin and being effective. Your skin care routine needs to be designed to maximize effects of every product in the regimen and make sure your sebum levels are not preventing products from working. The cleansers and moisturizers you choose make a big difference in the overall effectiveness of your skin care routine. Learn more about oily skin here.

Our custom skin care routine will choose cleansers and moisturizers that will help you antiaging serums work better on your oily skin type.

Another benefit of Baumann Skin Type 8 is you do not need to add skin lighting products to your skin care routine because you chose the option in the quiz that you did not have any dark spots on the skin that you want to lighten. If you do want to lighten dark spots- retake the quiz or our regimen recommendations will not include skin lighteners.

OSNW, Inflammation and aging prone

What Are the Cons of Having the OSNW Skin Type?

Skin Type 8- OSNWs fall into one of three common categories (also called phenotypes):

  1. 30 years of age or younger with acne or facial redness who has significant sun exposure (from outdoor sports, for example)
  2. 30+ years of age with facial redness, stinging, flushing, or frequent skin irritation and an increased risk for skin aging
  3. 30+ years of age with acne and an increased risk for skin aging

Which of these categories you are will determine what types of products we recommend in your skin care routine.

The two primary concerns for OSNW types are sensitivity caused by inflammation and risk of developing signs of skin aging. Inflammation causes sensitive skin which can manifest as acne pimples, facials redness, or skin rashes.

Inflammation can also lead to uneven skin color so we want to focus on inflammation first.

According to your quiz results, you have a risk of accelerated aging even if you are under 31 years of age due to your lifestyle habits. Our skin care routine advice for you will be determined by which of these inflammatory conditions and aging risk factors you have.

As an OSNW skin type, your skin care routine, diet and lifestyle should focus on treating:

Sensitive Skin

Aging Skin

Sensitive skin may have acne, rosacea, stinging, skin allergies, or frequent rashes.

Aging skin may be thin and fragile or have sagging and wrinkles.

Your skin care routine will target inflammation first and once that is under control, the focus will be on preventing and treating skin aging. Once you purchase products and begin your routine you will receive a series of emails that will guide you and tell you when to update your products each month and how to know if your skin care routine is working.

Best ingredients for OSNW

Best Skincare Ingredients for OSNW Baumann Skin Type 8

The best skincare ingredients for OSNW skin types will calm and soothe the skin, keep pores clear, help reduce and prevent lines and wrinkles and keep the skin protected from future sun damage.

Some of the best ingredients for this skin type include:


Artemisia capillaris




Coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone)




Green tea

Heparan sulfate

Hyaluronic acid

Licorice extract




Salicylic acid

Saururus chinensis also called Asian Lizard's Tail Plant or Chinese Lizard's Tail


Silybum marianum

Ulmus Davidiana

OSNW barriers

What Are the Worst Skincare Ingredients for OSNW Skin?

OSNW skin type should avoid skincare ingredients that can trigger inflammation and clog pores.

Some of the most common ingredients to avoid include:

comedogenic ingredients

Isopropyl myristate

Octyl palmitate

Octyl stearate

What Types of Skin Care Products Should OSNW Skin Types Use?

Like other oily skin types, OSNWs do well with foaming cleansers or salicylic acid cleansers to help control oil and acne.

Retinoids are recommended for OSNW skin types, as these ingredients can treat acne and signs of aging. However, if you are an OSNW with rosacea, introduce retinoids to your skincare regimen slowly and gradually to avoid irritation and dryness.

Other treatment products for OSNWs may include anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, or other anti-aging ingredients.

All Baumann Skin Types, including OSNWs, should wear daily sunscreen. Oily skin types should choose a non-comedogenic sunscreen.

Recommended products for OSNW

What Types of Products Should OSNW Skin Types Avoid?

OSNW skin types should avoid products that contain pore-clogging ingredients or those that can contribute to irritation, redness, and other signs of inflammation.

Avoid cleansing oils, cream cleansers, and heavy moisturizers, OSNWs with very oily skin may not need to use a moisturizer at all. Others can skip a morning moisturizer, using only a light moisturizing product at night.

What Cosmetic Procedures Are Good for OSNW Skin Types?

Salicylic acid peels, facial extractions, and HydraFacials are good options for OSNW skin types.

OSNWs with acne may benefit from blue light, red light, and laser treatments, while those with rosacea may opt for red light, IPL, or laser treatments.

To treat wrinkles and sagging skin, neuromodulator injections like BOTOX and Dysport, dermal fillers, microneedling with PRP, and non-surgical skin-tightening devices can be good options.

Oily, Sensitive, Non-Pigmented and Wrinkled Skin Type

Most OSNWs struggle with either acne or rosacea, along with advanced signs of aging like wrinkles and sagging skin. With the right treatment products, daily skincare regimen, in-office treatments, and sun protection, however, OSNWs can enjoy a smooth, clear, and younger-looking complexion.

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