Ulmus Davidiana Root Extract in Skin Care Products

Ulmus davidiana, also known as yugeunpi, is a natural plant derived antiaging ingredient in skin care products that has been used in Korea and China for a very long time. This skin care ingredient is relatively new to the United States. It is the perfect ingredient to add to an antiaging wrinkle cream for sensitive skin types because it has antiaging, photoprotective, and anti-inflammatory properties. It contains the antiaging ingredient Bakuchiol.

Benefits of Ulmus davidiana root extract on skin

Ulmus davidiana is anti-inflammatory which also helps prevent hyperpigmentation on the skin that occurs from inflammation.

It has photoprotective qualities that help protect your skin from sun and pollution. It has Bakuchiol, which is known to have antiaging effects. It is a humectant moisturizer that hydrates skin and plumps fine lines similarly to hyaluronic acid.

Is Ulmus davidiana root extract good for your skin?

The best ingredients to treat sensitive aging skin depends upon your Baumann Skin Type. Ingredients can inactivate each other so care should be taken to make sure that the skin care products you choose work well together. We can help. Once you know your Baumann Skin Type, you can use the build a regimen feature and shop for products that are right for your skin type.

What is Ulmus davidiana root extract used for?


Contact Dermatitis (1)

Dry Skin






Sensitive Skin

Skin Allergy (1)

Skin Aging

Wounds (7)

Evidence based research about Ulmus davidiana root extract on skin

U. davidiana extract contains catechins, bakuchiol. and epifriedelanol (10, 12) which give it a strong ability to protect the skin from sun exposure and the inflammation that sun exposure causes.

Anti-inflammatory activity of U. davidiana

Inhibits the release of interleukin (IL)-6 and IL-8 . (2)

Blocks prostaglandin D? production. (4)

Contains Bakuchiol which is known to be anti-inflammatory (5)

Speeds wound healing (7)

Photoprotective activity of U. davidiana

Helps human fibroblast skin cells recover faster after exposure to UVA radiation. (2)

When combined with other herbs the combination blocked damage from UVB radiation. (9)

Blocked collagen production impairment after UVB exposure in mice. (9)

Decreased inflammatory cytokine levels of tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-α and IL-1β (9)

Antiaging Benefits of U. davidiana

Decreases cellular senescence thru its component called Epifriedelanol (10)

Has antioxidant activity (11)

Decreased decrease in MMP-1 activity (collagenase) after UVB exposure (11,12)

Is this ingredient something you should use on your skin? It depends on your Baumann Skin Type and the other products you are using in your skin care routine. Click below and we will guide you.



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