What to do if I have not been using my skin care routine as prescribed? How to restart skin routine

If you stopped using your products- Restart Skin Routine Now!

If you have not been using your skin care routine as prescribed, its time to get restarted. Skin care only works when you use it. The number one skin care mistake that I see in my dermatology patients is inconsistency.

I try to educate you on what to do and motivate you to do be consistent with skin care products- but sometimes life gets in the way and we fall off track. If you stop using your skin care routine as directed- what should you do?

What do I do if I Haven

Restart Skin Routine

 Restart skin routine ASAP!

You can find your custom regimen in the tool bar at the top. Look for the colored octagon with the number.

Or click here to find your custom routine for your Baumann Skin Type.

Note that you must be logged in and have taken the quiz for your skin care routine to show.

You can find your Baumann Skin Type results and build your skin care routine here.

Its time to restart skin routine now- every day matters.

Retake the Quiz to Reset Your Routine

If it has been over a month since you stopped your routine or the season has changed, retake the quiz. You will get the most up to date skin care routine advice that will help you restart skin routine.  Remember -your skin type can change, so before you restart skin routine, take or retake the quiz.

Retake the quiz to make sure your skin care routine is still correct for you.

Don't Take A Break From Your Skin Care Routine

Is it good to give your skin a break from products?  No! Your skin's needs depends upon your Baumann Skin Type, but all skin types need the three daily critical skin care products that you must use every day which:

  • Cleanse
  • Protect
  • Repair

Restart skin routine that has all 3 of these steps.

Reasons to stop using skin care

Why did you stop using skin care products? Choose one of the reasons to stop below and maybe we can help. get you back on track.

1. I was lazy or busy and stopped using my skin care routine

Follow @skitnypesolutions on social media and we can help keep you motivated. Check out our interviews with people of different Baumann Skin Types called Skin Type Talks or our interviews with cosmetic scientists called Product Talks on our Skin Type Solutions You Tube Channel.

2. I had a reaction to my products

You can have bad reactions to products for various reasons. You may have:

You can read about how to handle a skin reaction to a new product here.

3. I did not see a difference from the products

If you do not see a difference in your skin:

You can read here to learn why it takes so long to see skin benefits from your skin care products.

Take our skin type quiz to find out which medical grade skin care brands are right for you and what order to use them in. Once you take the quiz, watch your email for instructions on how to use the products, how to know if they are working, and when to change the products or increase the strength of the products.

We want to inspire you to restart skin routine today!

If you have not been using your products because you are confused, take the dermatologist developed skin type quiz.

If you are skin fasting, keep reading to see why our dermatologists do not recommend skin fasting.

Why skin fasting is not good

Every skin type needs cleansing and protection. Most skin types need repair.

Skin fasting deprives your skin of ingredients it needs to maintain good skin health.

Here are reasons to restart skin routine:

All 16 skin types need daily protection from pollution.

All skin types types need daily sunscreen.

All Dry Skin Types need daily moisturization.

All Oily Skin Types need twice a day cleansing with the right cleansers.

All Sensitive Skin Types need daily anti-inflammatory ingredients.

All types with uneven skin tone need skin lightening ingredients.

Dull skin needs exfoliants.

All aging and mature skin types need daily antiaging ingredients.

All Acne-Prone Skin Types need ingredients to decrease acne causing bacteria and decrease TLR-2 activity.

What happens when you stop using moisturizer? How soon will

What happens when you stop using moisturizer?

Skin care benefits will last about 1 day for most moisturizers. How long moisturizing benefits last depends upon the ingredients in the moisturizer.

Humectants pull water onto the skin. Usually the results go away when the humectant is washed off, but 5% and higher of glycerin may give hydration benefits for 48 hours.

Occlusive ingredients prevent water from evaporating off of the skin. Their benefits go away once they are washed off.

Emollients smooth skin by coating the skin surface. Benefits go away when these are washed or rubbed off.

Barrier repair moisturizers have longer lasting benefits. I think the studies show  3-5 days but I could not find the reference to be certain.

So your moisturizer benefits do not last long. The first problem that you may notice when forgetting to use your skin care routine is dehydration. This leads to inflammation which can cause hyperpigmentation and skin aging.

What happens when you stop using Vitamin C Serum?

Vitamin C benefits will last about 4- 6 months. These increase collagen and it takes time for the collagen to break down. But it also takes time for the collagen to build up again when you restart skin routine so you really lose a lot of progress when you stop Vitamin C for over 4 weeks.

How Long do Exfoliant Benefits Last?

Once you stop exfoliants, the benefits go away in about a day. This is because the skin desquamation and keratinization cycle is an ongoing one.

You need to exfoliate every day if skin is dull.  But be careful when you restart skin routine with exfoliants.  Many products have exfoliating effects that you may not realize such as retinoids, acids and Vitamin C.

Replenish Expired Products

Once you open Vitamin C, retinol and other serums, they tend to evaporate, oxidize and lose potency. So unless you kept your skin care in a refrigerator, you need to get new products if they have been open for over 6 months.  Retinol and Vitamin C should be replaced 10 weeks after opening unless kept in the fridge. (If in fridge they should last 3 months open).

Shop by your Baumann Skin Type to find specific products

Note that you must be logged in and have taken the quiz to shop by your skin type.

Is it good to give your skin a break from products?

Is it good to give your skin a break from products?

You always want to use some type of skincare products. Most can be used all the time without a break. 

It is not necessary to give your skin a break from products or skin fast.

There are a few exceptions.

Tyrosinase inhibitors, which are used to lighten dark spots, should be stopped very 3 -4 months for 2-4 weeks.  Your skin develops tachyphylaxis, which means it gets used to products and they stop working.  

This is why we recommend a 2 stage regimen when treating dark spots on the skin such as melasma.

You may have heard of a hydroquinone holiday. This is when you stop this skin lightener for 2-4 weeks to help increase effectiveness.

Do I need to cycle skin care products?

Skin cycling is a new trend that is hurting the consistency of use of many important products. Do not skin cycle unless directed by your dermatologist or Skin Type Solutions trained skin care expert.

Restart skin routine and we will give you advice on when to change your skin care products in the emails you will receive after taking the quiz to find your skin type.

How long will it be until my skin loses skin benefits

How long the benefits of skin care last after stopping the products depends upon what your underlying skin concerns are and what products you were using.

Not all ingredients have been studied for how long the benefits last, but we do know a lot about how long retinoid benefits last. You can read more here about what happens when you stop using a retinoid like retinol.

Why to Restart Skin Routine?

Consistency matters!

You get the best results when you sue the correct skin care every day and do not take a break.

So if you stopped your skin care products or just completed skin fasting and are ready to restart skin routine - get back on the best skin care routine for your skin type now!

Dr Leslie Baumann Dermatologist

Dr Leslie Baumann MD

Dermatologist, Author, and Researcher


Author of:

The Skin Type Solution (Bantam Dell 2006)

Baumann's Cosmetic Dermatology (McGraw Hill 2002, 2009, 2022)

Cosmeceuticals and Cosmetic ingredients (McGraw Hill 2015)

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