Best Skin Care Routine Order

Best Skin Care Routine Order 

You need to use your recommended skincare routine in the exact order as it appears in your regimen. The skin care routine steps have been designed scientifically so that each product increases the efficacy of the other products.  Changing the skin care routine order could affect how well your skin care regimen works. Products must be layered in the correct order to have the best skin benefits.

Easy Skin Care Routine

If you want the easiest skin care routine- choose one of our monthly skin care kits.  The skin care kits contain the minimum number of products you need to improve your skin’s health and correct any underlying barriers to skin health.  Take the skin type quiz and subscribe to the monthly skin care kits for the easiest skin care routine that works.

Why Do I Need To Follow Specific Morning Skincare Routine Steps?

Each step in your personalized skin care routine has been carefully thought out and tested by dermatologists to increase the efficacy of the skin care products.  For example- in most skin type routines, low pH cleansers such as hydroxyacids cleansers and salicylic acid cleansers are used in the morning.  Lowering the pH of the skin makes some ingredients such as Vitamin C penetrate better into the skin giving you more antioxidant protection in the am. The eye cream is applied after cleansing in the am to protect the delicate eye area from the step 3 product (called the treatment product) that can irritate the eye area (especially acne and antiaging products). Moisturizers should be layered over the treatment product to help provide occlusion and push these important skin care ingredients into the skin.  

When Should I Apply My Sunscreen in the AM?

Sunscreen is always the last product applied in the am.   Sunscreen is applied on top of your moisturizer. If you choose to wear a facial make up foundation, apply it after your sunscreen.

When Do I Apply A Facial Primer for Oily Skin In My Skin Care Routine?

You only need a facial primer if you have very oily skin.  If you have very oily skin and your makeup foundation streaks- we recommend omitting the moisturizer (step 4) in your skin care routine. Wash your face, apply the eye cream to the eye area, then apply the step 3 treatment product found in your skin care regimen.  After the step 3 treatment product, apply your facial primer. Cover with sunscreen and facial foundation.  We recommend that you consider using a tinted sunscreen as your facial foundation.  This will give you fewer steps and help prevent streaking of makeup.

What Are The Best Night Time Skin Care Routine Steps?

The cleansers used at night should have increased cleansing abilities to remove makeup, oil, sunscreen and sweat and to prevent clogged pores. These cleansers may be too strong to use twice a day so many skin care routines have a different am and pm cleansers. Follow the cleanser with an eye cream to protect your delicate eye area.  Skin care products get on your pillowcase and can irritate the eye area- especially acne and antiaging skin care products.  After the eye cream, apply the treatment product which is usually the most expensive of your skin care products or may be a prescription medication.  On top of the treatment products, apply a moisturizer.  In many cases you will apply a retinoid on top of your moisturizer. Use our skincare guide to know when to apply retinol in your skin care routine.

Retinol Before Or After Moisturizer?

Use your retinol AFTER YOUR MOISTURIZER when beginning retinol. When beginning retinol in your skin care routine for the first time, apply the lowest strength of retinol (2X or 0.025%) on top of your moisturizer every third night. Slowly increase to every night.  Once you can tolerate retinol every night on top of your moisturizer- move to the next strength up (5x or 0.05% and then 10X or 0.10%). Once you are using the high strength retinol product (10x or 0.01%) every night- then you can use your RETINOL BEFORE YOUR MOISTURIZER.

Do I Need 2 Different Cleansers? 

You often need at least two cleansers- one in the am to prepare your skin for the morning skin care routine and one in the evening to remove makeup, sunscreen oil and sweat.  Some people choose to double cleanse the face.  If you want to double cleanse the face to remove makeup and sunscreen, we recommend using an oil cleanser first followed by the cleanser in your night time skin care routine.

How Can I Find Out The Best Skin Care Steps For My Skin Care Routine?

Our skin care routine quiz will analyze your skin’s problems and recommend a dermatologist developed personalized skin care routine with a specific skin care routine order.  Follow the order exactly for the best skin benefits form your skin care products.

Why Is A Morning And Night Skin Care Routine Important?

Both the morning and night time skin routine are important.  Skin has a circadian rhythm.  In the day it is programmed to protect the skin.  To help your skin protect itself in the daytime, your am skin care routine should have antioxidants and sunscreens.  Your skin’s circadian rhythm is programmed to repair the skin at night.  For this reason, your pm regimen should contain ingredients that help repair the skin such as retinol, niacinamide, DNA repair enzymes and coenzyme Q10.

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