Skin Care Ingredients that Protect Skin from Pollution, Marijuana and Excess Alcohol

Cars producing harmful pollutants

Air pollutants have negative effects on the skin causing atopic dermatitis, acne, dark spots on skin, skin sensitivity, and wrinkles. Pollution and toxins from smoking, vaping, car exhaust, excess alcohol, and other toxins can age skin.

Using protective skin care  ingredients can help the skin defend itself from exposure to cigarettes, cannabis smoke and vaping by-products.

Over indulging in alcohol and marijuana are not the only substances that can cause skin damage to the skin.  There are many sources of pollution that we need to protect our skin from.

Car pollution is very dangerous for skin because it can contain:

  • Particulate matter (PM),
  • Heavy metals,
  • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) containing benzopyrene (BaP)
  • Ultraviolet radiation (UVR)

To find the best pollution protection skin care products to protect your skin from car exhaust and other forms of pollution, shop by your Baumann Skin Type. 

You will find dermatologist-recommended skincare routines will help you choose the best products from many brands. Antipollution skin care may be just what you need!

How to protect skin from pollution?

What are the best cosmetic ingredients to protect skin from pollution?

These ingredients help protect skin from pollution:

(More coming as we discover and test them)

Antioxidants to help protect skin from pollution and car exhaust:

  • Polyphenols
    • Found in green tea and other flavinoids, 
    • Strong antioxidants
    • Very protective  for your skin
    • Can help protect skin from vaping, smoking, excess alcohol and marijuana

Best skin care product to protect skin from pollution

Our favorite protective skin care product is  Zerafite Wrinkle Defense Barrier Cream. It was designed to protect your skin from vaping, cannabis, excessive alcohol and pollution.

What Is the best skin care routine to protect the skin from vaping, tobacco, marijuana, hash, alcohol and pollution?

Design the best protective skin care routine for your skin by shopping by your Baumann Skin Type.

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