When to Apply Serum?

skin care routine steps showing when to apply face serum

You need to know when to apply serum. Face serums are costly, evaporate quickly, and won’t work if they are applied at the wrong time.  So- when do you apply serum on your face?  It depends on your Baumann Skin Type.  We have 40,000 different regimen structures depending upon your skin’s custom needs.  But- in general- the serum should be applied at step 3 in your skin care routine.



Note that retinols and oils are usually applied the last step after the moisturizer at night.


When to use Serum Day or Night?

When to use a face serum  depends upon your custom skin care routine.  Not all Baumann Skin Types need serums.  Protective serums are used in the day and repair serums are used at night.



In most skin care regimens- The correct routine step order for serums is Step 3 in the am and step 3 in the evening.


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What to do after applying serum on your face?


Apply the next step of your skin care routine.  Our routines are designed so that you do not need to wait in between routine steps.

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