Skin Type Chart

Skin Type Charts have been used in dermatological research for years to separate people into different phenotypes.

There are 3 main skin type charts used by dermatologists and found in dermatology textbooks:

  1. Fitzpatrick Skin Type Chart with 6 skin types
  2. Baumann Skin Type Chart with 16 skin types
  3. Loreal Chromosphere Skin Color Chart

These skin type charts use numbers to designate the skin type. The LOreal Skin Color Chart uses a number and a letter to name different skin tones and hues.

First lets discuss the Baumann Skin Type Chart and then we will look at the Fitzpatrick Skin Type Chart and the LOreal Skin Color Chart

Baumann Skin Type Chart

There are 16 Baumann Skin Types based on the presence or absence of 4 barriers to skin health.

Each skin type has a different combination of skin concerns. 

This skin type chart helps you match skin care products to your skin's needs and create scientific skin care routines,

The Baumann Skin Type is diagnosed using a validated scientific quiz.

16 Baumann Skin Type Chart

Click below to learn more about each skin type on the skin type chart:

What do the 4 Letters in the Baumann Skin Typing System Mean?

The 4 letters when used together are known as the Baumann Skin Type Indicator. (1-4)

These 4 skin type letters are used by dermatologists to divide patients (5-9) into 16 unique skin type phenotypes using a validated questionnaire (10-11) in order to prescribe skin care regimens. (12-13)

There are multiple medical publications about this that can be found below in the references. (14)

This is the skin type system used by dermatologists to prescribe skin care routines.

Fitzpatrick Skin Type Chart

Fitzpatrick Skin Type Chart

The Fitzpatrick Skin Type is based upon how your skin responds in the sun? Does it tan? Does it burn?

The Fitzpatrick skin type is a not a measure of ethnicity- but rather how easily your skin makes melanin.

The Fitzpatrick Skin Typing System in no way determines what skin care products are right for you.

It was developed as a way for dermatologists to decide what dose of ultraviolet rays to use to treat psoriasis and vitiligo with phototherapy.

You determine your Fitzpatrick skin type by answering a set of questions.

The LOreal Skin Color Chart

L'Oréal has conducted an in-depth dermatological study aiming to understand the nuances and variations of skin types on a biological level. (12) This research was designed not only to elucidate the factors influencing aging and photodamage but also to cater to the specific dermatological needs presented by diverse skin tones. A pivotal aspect of the study concentrated on distinguishing between the intrinsic and perceived colors of the skin. By involving a global cohort of female participants, the researchers utilized a dual-method approach: initially allowing participants to correlate their skin tones with a detailed colorimetric chart consisting of 66 distinct shades, and subsequently employing the "chromasphere®", a proprietary instrument devised by L'Oréal, for precise chromatic measurements. Through rigorous data collection and analysis, the team delineated a comprehensive topographical representation of skin chromatic variations across different global demographics. This objective classification serves as a foundational tool and Skin Type Color Chart for the development of specialized cosmetic formulations, from diversifying foundation palettes to evaluating the efficacy of dermatological products addressing skin luminosity and tone disparities.

Level up your skin care knowledge with medical advice from dermatologists

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