Baumann Skin Type 10: ORNT | The Best Skin Type: Rarest and Healthiest

Baumann Skin Type 10: ORNT

If you are a ORNT- congratulations! You have the best skin type! We call this Perfect 10 Skin. This skin type is the rarest and healthiest skin type.

The ORNT Skin Type is Oily, Resistant, No uneven pigment, and Tight. Your healthy skin has no barriers to skin health. Also referred to as Perfect 10 Skin. ORNT is what is considered to be “normal” skin and is uncommonly seen in my dermatology practice. ORNT skin is easy to manage, and your skincare regimen is aimed at keeping your skin the way it is.

What if I do not think I am oily- my skin results are wrong?

Our definition of oily skin refers to how much sebum (oil) your sebaceous glands make. Normal skin makes a sufficient amount of sebum to protect the skin. That is why you are considered oily- because you make enough oil. There are two subsets: oily (normal) and very oily. if you do not think you are oily- you are in the oily/ normal subset.

Our quiz has been validated in studies and is being used all over the world by dermatologists. You can Read more here about how our quiz was verified.

Once you try the recommended skin care regimen and experience amazing results, you will realize that you were wrong about your skin type - 80% of people are!

Why is the ORNT Skin Type the Best and Healthiest Skin Type?

ORNT is the ideal best skin type because it has no barriers to skin health. You are under the age of 30 and have no dryness, inflammation, or dyspigmentation problems. You have healthy lifestyle habits that lower your risk of skin aging. We have data on over 300,000 people from around the world and your skin type is by far the rarest.

What Are My Skin Care Goals for my Healthy Skin Type?

The goal for your perfect skin type is to keep it the best skin type. Your skin care routine will be designed to maintain healthy, clear skin rather than to treat existing skin concerns, as most ORNTs do not struggle with common conditions like acne, dryness, or accelerated aging.

Don't use skin care products or get skin treatments that you do not need. Less is more for your skin type.

What Are the Cons of Having the ORNT Skin Type?

The ORNT skin type is called “Perfect 10 skin” because it does not have any cons or barriers to skin health. However, it is still important to take great care of your skin and continue wearing sunscreen and avoiding excessive sun exposure in order to maintain smooth, healthy, youthful-looking skin.

What Are the Best Skincare Ingredients for ORNT Skin?

Though most ORNTs produce just enough oil to keep their skin healthy without causing shininess, some may produce more oil than needed. For this reason, skincare ingredients that help to control excessive oil on the skin and keep the skin free of clogged pores and acne are the best ingredients for Baumann Skin Type 10. Some of the best skincare ingredients for this skin type include:


Salicylic acid- clears pores

Hyaluronic acid- a humectant that gives skin a plumpness and glow

Retinol -keeps skin young and smooth and pores clear

Moisturizing Ingredients that are light and noncomedogenic

Zinc oxide and Titanium Dioxide Mineral Sunscreens- protect skin from aging and getting uneven pigmentation


What Are the Worst Skincare Ingredients for ORNT Skin?

Clogged pores are typically the only challenge for some ORNT types, so avoid ingredients that can contribute to clogged pores or excess oil on the skin. Ingredients to avoid include:


Coconut oil (Coconut extracts like lauric acid and some pure forms of coconut oil are ok)

Mineral oil

Olive oil


What Types of Skin Care Products Should Number 10 ORNT Skin Types Use?

Best Cleanser for Perfect Skin

Oily skin types like ORNT is resistant to inflammation so you can use exfoliators to make skin radiant and glow without worries of irritating your skin. But only exfoliate once a day or less.

Salicylic acid cleansers exfoliate, help to keep pores clear and make skin radiant. These are our favorites for Baumann Skin Type 10:

To remove oil, dirt and makeup on your skin at night, use a foaming cleanser to help control excessive oil on the skin. We like these for your skin type:

Best Sunscreens for ORNT Type 10 Best Skin Type

All Baumann Skin Types, including “Perfect 10” ORNTs, should wear a daily sunscreen of at least SPF 15 or SPF 30 or higher when outdoors.

Sunscreen is not always easy to remove. We have tips on how to remove sunscreen here.

What Types of Products Should ORNT Skin Types Avoid?

ORNT skin types should avoid skincare products that can lead to clogged pores. Most treatment products are unnecessary for this skin type, and a regular skincare routine that consists of a foaming cleanser, salicylic acid cleanser, non-comedogenic sunscreen, and a non-comedogenic moisturizer should suffice. If you are very oily, you can skip the moisturizer.

What Cosmetic Procedures Are Good for ORNT Skin Types?

ORNTs should avoid most cosmetic procedures because they are simply unnecessary for this ideal skin type and have the potential to cause inflammation and pigmentation.

If clogged pores are a concern for you, talk to on of our specially trained medical providers about facial extractions, HydraFacials, dermaplaning, or microdermabrasion. Other procedures, including microneedling, chemical peels, and blue light therapy, are not needed nor recommended for this skin type.

Oily, Resistant, Non-Pigmented and Tight Skin Type

If you have ORNT skin, congratulations! This is the ideal skin type is rare! It has no barriers to skin health and is the easiest to take care of as compared to the other Baumann Skin Types. To maintain your clear, healthy complexion, be sure to wear daily sunscreen and practice good sun-protection habits such as seeking shade when possible and avoiding deliberate indoor or outdoor tanning.

Stay current on Skin Care, Skin Types and Skin Science by walking our Skin Type Talks Series on YouTube. Come on the show and tell us how great it feels to have the rarest and best skin type.

We hope you will join our community and share reviews, experiences and advice with others that have the same best skin type that you have.

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