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normal skin

Normal skin is what we all strive for! Have you thought about what it means to have normal skin and what causes skin to be considered normal? Smooth, tight, glowing, calm, even-toned skin is normal skin. Normal skin is highly coveted but sometimes out of our grasp- especially if we are using the wrong skincare products for our skin type. 

If you are lucky enough to have normal skin, the goal of any good normal skincare routine is to keep your skin a normal skin type.  If you do not have normal skin, the goal of your skincare routine should be to change your skin type to a normal skin type. 

Our primary mission at Skin Type Solutions is to improve skin health by empowering you to make the right skincare choices through proper identification of your skin type and a scientifically proven skin care routine customized to give you normal skin. Normal skin is also known as perfect skin, ideal skin and healthy skin. It may be called young skin because it resembles young skin even if it is chronologically older. Before we tell you the best normal skincare routine- let's take a look at the definition and meaning of normal skin.

Normal Skin Definition

Normal skin is skin that has a smooth surface that reflects light and gives skin a glow. Normal young skin is plump with a firm volume due to a large amount of hyaluronic acid and heparin sulfate.


Normal skin has an intact skin barrier in the upper layers of the epidermis that helps the skin stay hydrated, even in dry climates. The blood vessels are not dilated meaning that the skin is calm or “resistant” and there is no inflammation or redness of the skin.  Young healthy skin is strong, thick, and unwrinkled due to high amounts of collagen.  Elastin gives young skin flexibility and the ability to bounce back and not sag. The skin cells in young normal skin communicate easily with each other via growth factors and cytokines.


What is a Normal Skin Type in the Baumann Skin Typing System?

In the Baumann Skin Typing System, Baumann Skin Type 10, also referred to as Perfect 10 Skin, is the healthiest skin type and is referred to as normal skin.


The normal Skin Type, ORNT, has a normal level of sebum secretion, is resistant (calm), even-toned and unwrinkled. However, it is more correct to say Baumann Skin Type 10 or ORNT rather than normal skin type because this is more specific. The meaning of normal skin can be confused when the proper terminology is not used.

Skin Assessment for Normal Skin

The Skin Type Solutions quiz was developed by Dr. Leslie Baumann MD at the University of Miami in 2004 to identify underlying barriers to skin health that are preventing skin from being healthy normal skin.


Our skin type quiz performs a normal skin assessment to assess lifestyle habits such as sunscreen use and diet and will ask about issues such as acne, rosacea, rashes and skin allergies.  This skin assessment will also evaluate the evenness of skin tone and smoothness of skin texture.  Our normal skin assessments are done using a scientifically validated questionnaire, with bioengineering devices that take measurements on the skin, or a dermatologist’s assessment.


 If the skin assessment quiz gives a normal skin assessment, that means you do not have any of the barriers to skin health- which is wonderful!  You are the perfect skin type ORNT! You can take the quiz here to see if you have perfect skin.

A normal skin assessment on the Skin Type Solutions skin type quiz means you have healthy skin (Baumann Skin type 10)!  If your skin type quiz gives you a “normal skin” assessment, then your normal skincare routine should be geared to keep your skin healthy.  First, we will discuss what a normal skin type is and then we will give you some advice on a skincare routine for normal skin.

Normal Skin Meaning

why there is no recognized scientific definition of normal skin.  The Baumann Skin Typing system used by Skin Type Solutions defines normal skin as the healthiest skin type ORNT.  The ORNT Baumann Skin Type is discussed above and here.

A normal skin type shows values within the desired “normal” range during a normal skin assessment. Here are some examples of normal skin laboratory values taken with bioengineering devices:

  • Sebum secretion rate of 1- 1.5 mg sebum per 10 cm2 of sebum every 3 hours

  • Normal L*, a*, b* spectrophotometric color values showing no redness

  • Transepidermal water loss (TEWL) levels demonstrating an intact skin barrier

  • Normal Skin hydration measurements (capacitance)

  • Photography evaluating melanin using the RBX®-Brown transformation based pigmentation indices

These measurements are used to assess skin characteristics to see if they are within normal values.

Normal Skin Characteristics

Normal skin is characterized by healthy attributes such as:

  • adequate ability to retain water and a normal rate of sebum secretion  

  •  regular even skin pigmentation with normal melanocyte function 

  • lack of inflammation

  • a  thick  derm layer

  • a compact smooth epidermal layer


These normal skin characteristics can change based on environmental and internal influences. For example, skin physiology changes with circadian rhythm, hormone changes, stress, changes in sleep patterns or lifestyle habits such as diet and exercise. If you feel your skin is no longer acting “Normal”, retake the skin type quiz to see if your Baumann Skin type has changed.  

Skin Care For Normal Skin

Once you take the normal skin assessment, if your results show you have a Baumann Skin Type 10, then you have normal skin.  You should begin a normal skincare routine that will help protect your skin and keep it normal.  Be careful when choosing a skincare routine for normal skin, less is more.  Remember the adage “If it ain’t broke- don’t fix it!” 

This is the type of normal skincare routine advice for that you will receive when you have identified your true skin type. Do not make the mistake and guess that you have normal skin.  Over 80% of people are wrong when they guess their skin type. The most important skincare products for normal skin are a daily sunscreen and the correct cleanser and moisturizer.

Best Cleanser For Normal Skin

It is important when choosing a face wash for normal skin that you do not do anything to interfere with the skin’s balance.  You already have healthy normal skin so less is more.  Use a gel cleanser, not a creamy cleanser or oil cleanser.  There is no reason to use hydroxyacids such as glycolic acid which are used to treat problems that normal skin does not have.  If you have large pores or clogged pores, try a salicylic acid cleanser. However, it is best to follow the exact skincare routine for normal skin that we recommend after you take the normal skin assessment.

Best Moisturizer For Normal Skin

Normal skin does nto need a barrier repair moisturizer because your barrier is already healthy and intact.  Instead, look for moisturizers for normal skin with hyaluronic acid.  Hyaluronic acid will feel light on the skin and give it a plumping effect that helps the skin look dewy. 

Normal Skin Care Routine

The most important skincare product for normal skin is a daily sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15.  Even if all you do is wash your face and apply sunscreen every day- you are helping keep your skin healthy. Once you turn 30 it is necessary to step up your skincare and add antiaging ingredients.  For now- follow the normal skincare routine advice that we give you after you receive the quiz results.  However, retake the quiz at least annually to make sure that your skin type has not changed.  Most skin types do not stay normal for long- especially if you use the wrong skincare routine for normal skin.  Stay informed and we will help you keep your healthy beautiful skin.

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