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This is Baumann Skin Type chart not the Fitzpatrick Skin Type chart

The skin types used by dermatologists and in dermatology textbooks and medical offices are the Baumann Skin Types

There are 16 skin types based on the presence or absence of 4 barriers to skin health. Each skin type has different skin conditions. This skin type chart will link you to a skin type guide for each of these 16 skin types.

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What do the 4 Letters in the Baumann Skin Typing System Mean?

The 4 letters are known as the Baumann Skin Type Indicator.[i] [ii] [iii] [iv] These are 4 skin type letters are used by dermatologists to divide patients[v] [vi] [vii] [viii]and research subjects[ix] into 16 unique skin type phenotypes using a validated questionnaire, ,[x][xi]  in order to prescribe skin care regimens. [xii] [xiii] There are multiple medical publications about this that can be found below in the references.[xiv]

This is THE skin type system used by dermatologists globally.


Knowing your Baumann Skin Type® is the best way to assess your skin health and make sure you are using the best skin care routine for your skin type.

This is a scientifically proven method to help you find the right products for your skin type from many brands. 

We are NOT a skin care line. We are a group of dermatologists, doctors and specially trained medical providers here to help you make better skin care purchasing decisions.


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