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How we test our products
We use a scientific method to match the best skin care products to your unique skin type
We only choose products for inclusion in the Skin Type Solutions system that are formulated, manufactured, and packaged in a manner that meets our set of high standards to ensure the highest efficacy possible.

We choose the best products from a variety of leading brands to match with your skin type based on these qualities. We test all products included in the software ourselves, and all must meet our rigid scientific requirements.
A strict set of guidelines dictate:

Ingredients that each skin type should use
Ingredients each skin type should avoid
Formulations for these individual and combined ingredients
Regimen adjustments based on lifestyle factors
Regimen adjustments based on personal preferences
Regimen adjustments based on underlying conditions such as pregnancy, breast feeding, gluten sensitivity and allergies
The order the products are applied to the skin
Adjustments of skincare regimens monthly based on skin response
Regimens adjustment for use with in-office procedures

Products and regimens must adhere to these guidelines to be Skin Type Solutions-approved. Only STS-approved medical providers and companies displaying the Skin Type Solutions logo are using our scientifically based system properly.
If you don’t know your Baumann Skin Type®, there’s an
80% chance
you’re using the wrong skin care products.
About Our Medical Providers
Our years of expertise are focused on improving global skin health by working with medical providers and skincare brands to promote the use of scientifically proven skin care, diet, lifestyle habits and oral supplements to maximize skin health. We passionately believe that by reducing the use of unproven, ineffective, and harmful products while dramatically increasing the proper use of efficacious therapies — we can reduce the incidence of skin cancer, acne and other skin issues that affect the skin’s health and appearance. We empower medical aestheticians, physicians, medical providers and patients by providing an easy systematic scientific approach that correctly identifies barriers to skin health and gives clear instructions on what to do to change and improve the skin type.
Baumann skin type group
Backed By Science
The use of the Baumann Skin Typing System is well established in the medical field as evidenced by 7 chapters in major medical textbooks[i], [ii] multiple publications in peer reviewed medical journals, societies based on researching the Baumann Skin Types®[iii], [iv]and the frequent subject of dermatology lectures on skincare around the world. The software was developed to accurately diagnose and track the skin type change, collect and categorize data, analyze preferences, and encourage and track compliance. The scientifically-based software is set up to facilitate deep learning.

[i] Baumann, L. (2013). Nonsurgical skin care and rejuvenation. Gurtner GC, Neligan PC. Plastic Surgery (3rd ed). China: Elsevier, 25.

[ii] Baumann, L. (2008). Cosmetics and skin care in dermatology. Fitzpatrick’s Dermatology in General Medicine. 7th ed. New York: McGraw Hill, 1357-2363.

[iii] Global Dermatology Alliance 2005 - 2014 worked with dermatologists around the world to collect skin type data.

[iv] The Korean Society for Skin Type Research, dedicated to researching the scientific attributes of the Baumann Skin Types®, was formed in 2017, and has over 200 board certified dermatologist members.