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Normal Skin

What skin type is normal skin?

Normal skin is what we all strive for! It is the best and easiest skin type.

Baumann Skin Type 10 is the perfect skin type that enjoys normal skin.


How to know if I have normal skin?

This validated skin type quiz that dermatologist's use will tell you if you have normal skin.

What is normal skin?

Normal skin has no barriers to skin health.

The key to taking care of normal skin is to try and keep it normal by preventing inflammation, hyperpigmentation, and aging.

16 characteristics of normal skin:

  1. Blemish-free
  2. Calm
  3. Even-toned
  4. Firm
  5. Glass-like
  6. Glowing
  7. Healthy
  8. Hydrated
  9. Jello-O like
  10. Plump
  11. Radiant
  12. Resistant to irritation
  13. Smooth
  14. Strong
  15. Tight
  16. Youthful


Is it rare to have normal skin?

Yes, Baumann Skin Type 10 is the rarest skin type.

Even 80% of people under the age of 20 do not have normal skin. (1)

Normal skin is highly coveted but sometimes out of our grasp- especially if we are using the wrong skincare products for our skin type.

Normal Skin Definition

Normal skin is healthy skin.

It has a smooth surface that reflects light and gives skin a glow because the desquamation process works well.

Normal young skin is plump with a firm volume due to a large amount of glycosaminoglycans like hyaluronic acid and heparin sulfate.

Normal skin has:

ample amount of collagen to give it strength

elastin to help it bounce back and not sag

resiliency due to a strong immune system

strong skin barrier

lack of inflammation

minimal intrinsic aging

diverse microbiome (3)

Normal skin has an intact skin barrier in the upper layers of the epidermis that helps the skin stay hydrated, even in dry climates.

The blood vessels are not dilated meaning that the skin is calm or “resistant” and there is no inflammation or redness of the skin.

Young healthy skin is strong, thick, and unwrinkled due to high amounts of collagen.

Elastin gives young skin flexibility and the ability to bounce back and not sag.

The skin cells in young normal skin communicate easily with each other via growth factors and cytokines.

Assessment to Diagnose Normal Skin

A normal skin type shows values within the desired “normal” range during a normal skin assessment.

Normal skin measurements taken with bioengineering devices:

Sebum secretion rate of 1- 1.5 mg sebum per 10 cm2 of sebum every 3 hours

Normal L*, a*, b* spectrophotometric color values showing no redness

Transepidermal water loss (TEWL) levels demonstrating an intact skin barrier

Normal Skin hydration measurements (capacitance)

Photography evaluating melanin using the RBX®-Brown transformation based pigmentation indices


Skin Care For Normal Skin

Use a consistent skin care routine every day that is right for your Baumann Skin Type10.


Best Cleanser For Normal Skin

It is important when choosing a face wash for normal skin that you do not do anything to interfere with the skin’s balance.

You already have healthy normal skin so less is more. Use a gel cleanser, not a creamy cleanser or oil cleanser.

There is no reason to use hydroxyacids such as glycolic acid which are used to treat problems that normal skin does not have.

If you have large pores or clogged pores, try a salicylic acid cleanser. However, it is best to follow the steps in the custom skincare routine for normal skin that you build after you take the skin care routine quiz.

Best Moisturizer For Normal Skin

Normal skin does not need a barrier repair moisturizer because your barrier is already healthy and intact.

Instead, look for moisturizers for normal skin with hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid will feel light on the skin and give it a plumping effect that helps the skin look dewy.


Normal Skin Care Routine

The most important skincare product for normal skin is a daily sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15.

Even if all you do is wash your face and apply sunscreen every day- you are helping keep your skin healthy.

Once you turn 30 it is necessary to step up your skincare and add antiaging ingredients.

Tips for normal skin:

Don't over exfoliate

Don't do skin procedures that you do not need

Follow the normal skincare routine advice that we give you after you receive the quiz results.

Retake the quiz at least annually to make sure that your skin type has not changed.

Skin types do not stay normal for long if you use the wrong skincare products

Stay informed and we will help you keep your healthy beautiful skin.

References on normal skin:

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