How long does it take for skin care to work?

How long does it take for skin care products to work? The time it takes for skin benefits to be seen from skin care products depends upon skin type, skin care product choice, skin care routine, and consistency of use.

If you are using a skin care routine that is right for your Baumann Skin Type, you should begin seeing results from your skin care products at least by 8 weeks with much improvement noted at 12 weeks.

This assumes you are:

  • Using the right products for your Baumann Skin Type
  • Using them in the correct order
  • Using them consistency
  • Updating the products as your skin type changes seasonally

Of course- it depends on which skin care products we are talking about.

Make sure you only buy products right for your skin type so they work faster.

Most skin care products take 12 weeks to work

For most Baumann Skin Types, 12 weeks of a new skin care routine is usually long enough to see skin changes, skin benefits and improvement.

Most skin care product research trials are at least12 weeks long so that they are long enough to show results in most people.

How long it takes for skin care to improve dry skin, skin texture, acne, inflammation, dark spots and wrinkles varies.

Remember, most skin types have combinations of skin issues that effect how fast skin changes will be seen with new skin care products.

How long to see results with a new skin care product depends on which Baumann Skin Type®. you have and which barriers to skin health you have.

skin concerns determine how long it takes for skin care products to work

What skin issues take a long time for skin care to work?

Baumann Skin Types that have inflammation and uneven pigmentation can take longer than 12 weeks to improve. This is because inflammation causes hyperpigmentation to occur.

Getting your inflammation under control is the key to making skin care products work faster.

Skin lightening and antiaging ingredients like retinoids can cause inflammation which then worsens aging and pigmentation. This cycle needs to be stopped.

The best way to stop this cycle is to treat inflammation with soothing ingredients while slowly adding in retinoids to exfoliate away dark spots, and smooth wrinkles.

So- for skin types that have inflammation and pigmentation, we need to move slowly and carefully and results can take a few months longer.

skin types that it takes longer for skin care to work

Don't waste time- make sure you are using the right products for your skin type- and use them consistently!

How long until I see results from my skin care products?

In order to get beautiful skin fast, you need to make sure you are using:

Once you know your Baumann Skin Type- use our Build a Regimen feature to choose skin care products that work well together and are in the correct skin care routine order.

Once you are doing all of these things consistently- then you can use this guide to how long it takes to see skin changes with new skin care products.

It takes more than 2 months for skin care products to work for these skin conditions:

  • acne
  • red spots from acne
  • skin redness
  • dark spots
  • uneven skin tone and dark spots
  • wrinkles

The answers below about how long until you see results from your skin care products will assume that you are:


How long does it take a moisturizer to work to treat skin dehydration?

Moisturizers usually work quickly- often within an hour. If the moisturizer has humectants and you are in a humid environment, you will see results within an hour.

Moisturizers with occlusives may take 8- 12 hours to work.

Barrier repair moisturizers usually take 24 - 36 hours to repair the skin barrier.

Most moisturizer have both humectants and occlusives in them.

How long does it take for acne to clear?

Acne takes 8 weeks to stop breaking out and 12 weeks for red acne spots to to improve.

how fast acne can clear  before and after acne products for skin type 3

How long does it take skin inflammation to go away?

Skin inflammation can be caused by many things. Once the inflammatory pathways get turned on, a domino affect occurs. It can take 8- 12 weeks for inflammation to calm down. However, the cause of inflammation must be addressed to cure inflammation. For example- if you have rosacea, you need to be on skin care that calms rosacea.

How long does it take dark spots to clear?

Dark spots take 12- 16 weeks to clear. Melasma can take longer. See instructions for how to treat melasma here.

How long does it take wrinkles to go away?

Fine lines and textural changes can be a result of dehydration and will go away in a few days with an exfoliant and a moisturizer that are right for your Baumann Skin Type. However, wrinkles caused by thinning of the dermis can take 6- 12 months to improve.

Which antiaging ingredients you use, and what lifestyle habits you have will affect how fast wrinkles improve. We highly recommend using retinoids to treat and prevent wrinkles. Retinoids take 20-52 weeks to see results but retinoids have the most evidence based research to support their use to treat wrinkles.

Vitamin C serum can take 6- 12 months to improve wrinkles but Vitamin C is not as effective as retinoids on wrinkles. It is best to use several different types of antiaging ingredients together- depending upon your Baumann Skin Type.

Exosomes take about 12 weeks to see results.

Whatever your skin concerns are, how long your skin care routine will take to work depends upon you buying and consistently using the correct products.

We are here to help you get the best and fastest results by being:

  • Correct
  • Complete
  • Consistent

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