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At Skin Type Solutions (STS) – we are passionate about guiding you to the best skin care products to transform your skin’s appearance.  We are a group of 250+ dermatologists, physicians and medical providers who care deeply about your skin health.  We never settle for the latest skin care solution. We constantly research, test, and expand our expertise every day- always searching for the best skin care product in the world. We see it as our duty to be the smart, honest and unbiased source for product information, recommendations and instructions on how to use skin care products.  We are not a skin care product line.  We are researchers, doctors, and educators who empower you with medical advice on skincare to guide you to your best skin ever.


How STS Works:


  • ANSWER the quick skin type quiz to diagnose your unique skin type
  • LEARN about your Baumann Skin Type®
  • RECEIVE a personalized skin care routine built by our patented technology
  • USE the efficacious products our doctors recommend for you
  • RENEW your skin care routine every month. Compliance matters
  • RETAKE the skin type quiz every 3 months to update your routine
  • CONNECT with a STS approved medical provider as needed


The Best Skin Typing System

STS uses the innovative Baumann Skin Typing System - the only skin typing system found in medical textbooks and used by doctors. This gold standard of skin typing systems guides you on how to improve skin health by identifying the presence or absence of 4 barriers to skin health.  Learn what underlying skin problems you have, and our trustworthy expertise will guide you and support you on your journey to glowing healthy skin.


There are 16 Skin Types

Our relentless research has identified 16 Baumann Skin Types with 4 subtypes of sensitive skin.  We can give you an informative skin care guide and direct you to ethical and efficacious skin care brands once we know your Baumann Skin Type and lifestyle habits. 

The Skin Type Quiz

The STS skin type quiz has been scientifically validated and is used by dermatologists to assess skin types around the world.  Only STS and STS approved medical providers have access to the latest valid version of the STS skin type quiz.  Beware- there are many companies offering skin type quizzes that are not scientifically proven. Our free and proven skin type quiz takes 3-5 minutes and will save you time and money because you will not buy the wrong skin care products.

Personalized Skin Care Routines

We are driven to design efficacious skin care routines that target all your barriers to skin health.  Our specialized technology contains over 40,000 proven, unique skin care routines that are customized for you by the way you answer the questions in the skin type test.  These skin care routines have been tested on the 16 Baumann Skin Types by dermatologists over the last decade and are constantly updated as new skin care technologies emerge.


Get your personalized skin care routine and choose from these options:

  • Use the Complete Kit – contains all the products you need to address your specific barriers to skin health (our top recommendation)
  • Use the Essentials Kit – contains 3 products from the Complete Kit to get you started (the most affordable option)
  • Enroll in the Subscription Kit – receive different products from the Complete Kit on your doorstep each month for a flat fee (best value option)
  • Or Shop individual products to supplement products you already have at home


How We Choose The Skin Care Products In Our Skin Care Routines

Honesty, integrity, and transparency are at the core of our business. The trust placed in us by our physician partners and their patients is paramount, and we work to earn and maintain that trust by only choosing products for inclusion in the system that are formulated, manufactured and packaged in a manner that ensures the highest efficacy.  We have 50+ brands and try to include all the best skin care products in the world. We research and test the products ourselves, and with our patients, independently from the skin care companies. We observe the outcomes, compare the doctor’s observations, and consider our patients’ product preferences.

Skin care brands cannot pay to have preferred placement on our site because that would violate our policy of transparency.  The recommended products that populate the skin care routines and skin care kits are the skin care products that have demonstrated the best skin benefits.

We insist that the skin care products chosen for inclusion in the STS system have the following:

  1. Proven ingredients that target the barriers to skin health
  2. Absence of ingredients that will worsen the barriers to skin health
  3. Ability to Improve skin health of patients as determined by doctors using the system
  4. Proof of efficacy when used on the corresponding skin type
  5. Ability to Improve the efficacy of other products in the routine when products are layered
  6. Proper bottling and manufacturing to ensure that formulations are potent
  7. Approval by our advisory board of doctors and medical aestheticians
  8. Meet the criteria for products found in our patent #
  9. Are Made by ethical beauty brands with cruelty free research methods
  10. Are made by a Skin care brand that has clean manufacturing facilities and follows federal regulations


How Do We Decide Which Skin Care Products Populate The Dermatologist Recommended Skin Care Routines and Skin Care Kits?

We are relentless about searching for the best skin care products in the world. Our recommendations are constantly changing as new skin care technologies emerge and research sheds light on new skin science. Therefore, you should retake the skin type quiz every 3 months and update your skin care regimen to the latest, best skin care products. We offer thousands of skin care products from many beauty brands, but we use our dermatology expertise to choose the products that populate the skin care routines. This is the criteria that we use to determine which products to include in the skin care kits and the skin care routine. These are listed in the order of the importance and weight we give them in our decision:

  • Most efficacious of all the products that meet the criteria
  • Products that will layer best with the other products
  • Patients that test the products have given good reviews
  • Products with fewer side effects
  • Affordable skin care products
  • Products and brands with truthful and not misleading advertising
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Brands have demonstrated that they care about skin health


Do I Still Need A Dermatologist If I Begin This Dermatologist Physician Recommended Skincare Routine?

Our advice does not replace an in person or online consult with your physician. However, if you do not have an STS approved physician in your area- we can help you make healthy decisions about your skin.  Our information, advice and recommendations are constantly updated as new products come out or we receive feedback from the physicians and patients in our program about new skin care products.

We recommend that you begin your personalized skin care routine for at least 4 weeks. Your skin type will improve with the proper skin care and your skin care needs will change.  Retake the skin type quiz every 3 months and adjust your skin care routine accordingly. For best results, follow up with a STS approved medical provider. The Skin Type Solutions System is used by 200+ doctors who have been trained by STS to be skin typing experts. You can find a STS approved medical provider here.


Start now to improve your skin health.

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