Allantoin is a leaf extract of the comfrey plant found in Europe and temperate areas of Asia. For several years, potent healing and soothing properties have been attributed to this anti-inflammatory skincare ingredient. Allantoin is the main ingredient in comfrey- which has been used as a poultice for centuries to treat minor fractures by reducing swelling in the area of the break. The long-standing anecdotal evidence supporting the beneficial activity of allantoin led to some acceptance by the medical community in the U.K. in the early part of the 20th century.


Uses in Allantoin Skin Care Products:



Acne- Helps get rid of the redness from pimples, papules and pustules and make the red marks from acne go away faster.

Sensitive Skin- Allantoin is found in many anti-inflammatory skincare products intended to soothe and calm skin.

Rosacea- Helps prevent and treat facial redness.

Eczema- When combined with barrier repair moisturizers will help sooth eczema prone skin.

Psoriasis- Helps calm and soothe itchy skin from psoriasis.


Allantoin for Skin Lightening


Melasma- Allantoin is believed to have skin lightening effects due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent pigmentation.

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