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Best Skin Type Quiz To Know Your Skin Type

Looking for a skin type calculator online to identify your skin type? Our Skin Type Test Is The Skin Type Quiz Used By Dermatologists. It is scientific, validated and found in dermatology textbooks.(2,3) It is the best way to find your skin type and shop for skin care products and build a skin care routine to target your skin type's problems.

Doctors use the Baumann Skin Type Questionnaire (also called the Baumann Skin Type Indicator, BSTI or 16 skin types quiz) (8) as a diagnostic tool to diagnose the skin type.  This diagnostic skin type quiz was developed by dermatologist Dr. Leslie Baumann MD and tested by dermatologists at the University of Miami and around the world.(4,5,19, 21) It is the most advanced way to find out what skin type you have and build a skin care routine.

There are 16 skin types with 4 sensitive skin subtypes.

To learn about the 16 Baumann Skin Types click here.


16 Bauman Skin Types

Is The Skin Type Quiz Legit?

Only SkinTypeSolutions.com and doctors and medical providers who have licensed the rights are legally are allowed to use the Skin Type Quiz developed and validated by Leslie Baumann MD.

You can find a list of the doctors and medical providers here that use the correct and newest 2023 version of the questionnaire. Beware of imposters.  Not only do they not have the most recent version of the quiz, but they also do not have the build a regimen software we have spent 20 years developing and testing with the help of dermatologists.

Click here to learn how we know our quiz is valid.

only STS can use the STS system

What is My Skin Type?

how to know your skin type

There are 2 accurate ways to diagnose your skin type:

Our advanced skin type quiz is a skin type diagnostic tool used around the world by doctors.

You can find the best skin type quiz to find your skin type here.

make good decisions about skin care products
what skin type do i have?

What Type of Skin Do I Have?

The 16 Skin Types Quiz is the only scientifically validated skin type quiz that accurately tells you what skin type you have.

It is also called the Baumann Skin Typing Quiz.

The Baumann Skin Typing System is the gold standard skin typing system used by dermatologists because:

16 skin types have different needs

How to Find the Best Skin Type Test To Determine My Skin Type?

The only way to diagnose your skin type accurately and scientifically is take the quiz used by dermatologists around the world. (1-21)

The scientific name of the test we use to determine skin type the Baumann Skin Type Indicator. We call it the Skin Type Solutions Skin Type Quiz.

Our skin type test was developed in 2004 at the University o Miami and perfected over the last 20 years.

From 2006- 2020 the BSTI questionnaire was tested on patients around the world and shortened to contain only the most pertinent questions.

In 2006, data was compared from participants online versus patients in dermatology practices around the world to see if there was a difference in incidence of skin types from those who chose to see a dermatologist versus those who did not have a dermatologist. 52,862 participants took the skin type quiz. The data showed that there was no significant difference in skin types between those who took the quiz online versus saw a dermatologist in their office.

FAQs about Our Skin Type Solutions Skin Type Quiz

How To Find My Skin Type When I Don’t Have A Dermatologist

Many dermatologists use the skin type quiz in their practice. You can find one near you here.

If you do not have a doctor that uses Dr. Baumann's quiz, you can find the skin type quiz online.

What Ages Does the Skin Type Test Work For?

The skin type test has been validated on men and women and boys and girls from ages 13 and up.

It has not been tested on ages under 13.

Is the Quiz Good for Black Skin, Skin of Color or Asian Skin?

Our Skin Type Quiz Works For All Ethnicities and skin colors. (4)

The diagnostic test has been tested in dry climates, humid climates and around the world such as 42 states in the US, and in China, India, Africa, and Korea.

What Research Shows This the Best Skin Type Test?

From 2014- 2020 many studies have used the Baumann Skin Typing System to categorize patients scientifically into skin types.

In 2016, a Korean study showed that the BSTI questionnaire was as accurate as a dermatologists evaluation in determining skin type.

In 2017 the skin typing system was shown to be valid to evaluate post adolescent acne and valid in Korean females and in 2019 was shown to be valid when used in males.

In 2020 this study showed that the Baumann Skin Typing System can be used to prescribe skin care. The skin typing system is described in many dermatology and physician textbooks.

See references at the end of this blog.

Dermatologists use this skin type quiz

Which Dermatologists Use The Skin Type Text

The same skin type quiz used here on our web site is used by dermatologists around the world using our patented software. To find doctors and medical providers including dermatologists near you that use our quiz, click here.

How to Find Skin Type Online?

The best way to find out your skin type is to visit your dermatologist or one of our specially trained STS doctors near you.

If you cannot visit their office, you have two options:

  1. Book a telemedicine consult to find out your skin type and get a custom skincare regimen. 
  2. Take our online scientific skin type quiz that is used by dermatologists and get a skin care routine with medical-grade skincare products from different brands.

skin care for your skin type for age ...

What is My Skin Type Number?

The best way to know which of the 16 Skin Types you have is to take the skin type quiz online or at your doctor’s office.

Please do not guess. Many studies show that people incorrectly guess their skin type. Our online skin type quiz takes 3-5 minutes and will help you accurately identify your skin type number.

Does the Skin Type Solutions Quiz Have Different Versions?

The quiz in the book The Skin Type Solution is different than the online quiz. The online quiz is more advanced and based on 16 more years of data.

To shorten the number of questions needed to determine the Baumann Skin Type, a study was done that compared sebum secretion measurements with a sebumeter in 100 participants.

The questions that correlated best with the amount of sebum produced were kept in the questionnaire while the ones that did not correlate as well were eliminated.

The quiz became shorter at this time.

In 2005, The Skin Type Solution- Leslie Baumann MDs a New York Times Bestselling Book- contained an early paper version of the questionnaire. It was converted to digital and shortened again in 2014.

The most recent and advanced 2023 version of the Baumann Skin Type Quiz is available only here at Skintypesolutions.com and with STS approved doctors.


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