Skin Care 101

A personalized skin care routine is the most reliable way to get skin that glows and has a smooth surface and even tone. To get healthy skin, you need a customized skin care routine that addresses any issues dulling your skin. Finding your skin type and learning about different products is the first step to creating the best personalized skin care routine.

What Is a Personalized Skin Care Routine?

All skin care regimens consist of treatment, protection, cleansing and moisturizing. The way these elements combine in your own routine depends on:

  • Your skin type.
  • Your lifestyle habits.
  • Your preferences.
  • Your values or ethical considerations.
  • Your budget.
  • Your daily routine.
  • Your skin color.
  • Your age.

Your regimen should become part of your everyday life so that you can reap the full benefits of the products you’re using.

Basic Skin Care Routine Steps

While your personalized routine may have multiple steps, almost all regimens involve three steps, repeated morning and night:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Protect
  3. Repair

Depending on your Baumann Skin Type, you may need more than one product to handle each step. You can learn more about how to layer skin care products for the best results.

What’s the Benefit of a Personalized Skin Care Routine?

You can follow a routine you find in a magazine or use your friend's recommended products, but customization will provide the best results. This is because:

  • Some products can irritate your skin.
  • You need a routine that fits your lifestyle and budget.
  • Your skin has unique needs and challenges, and creating your own skin routine helps you work with them.

How Can You Find The Best Skin Care Routine?

The team of skin doctors at Skin Type Solutions is passionate about skin care. We stay current on all the latest dermatology science. We're constantly researching skin care products and adjusting our dermatologist-recommended skin care routines so that you can benefit from the latest technologies.

We’ve made it simple to help you put together your skin care routine with no trial-and-error doctor's appointments. Take our skin type quiz and our dermatology experts will put together the best personalized skin care routine for your needs.

What Is the Best Skin Care Brand for Radiant Skin?

We recommend picking quality items from various skin care brands to get the best results. The team of skin doctors at Skin Type Solutions lets you choose top products from over 50 brands so that you can create a routine pefect for you.

Why Take the Skin Type Test?

STS-approved dermatologists and medical providers use the scientifically-proven Skin Type Solutions Skin Type Test to give their patients personalized skin care routines. Our skin type test uses the innovative Baumann Skin Typing System developed by Dr. Leslie Baumann, which is the only skin typing system that doctors and referenced in medical textbooks use. It is the gold standard in determining which of the 16 Baumann Skin Types you have and whether you may have any underlying skin problems.

Where Can I Take the Baumann Skin Type Test?

The simplest way to scientifically determine your skin type is to take the skin type test here or schedule an online consult. You can also visit an STS-approved doctor if there is one in your area.

What Happens After I Take The Skin Type Test?

If you take our online test, you will learn your Baumann Skin Type and instantly get recommendations for skin care regimens and products that fit your needs and budget.

If you like, you can also purchase some products online, buy a whole regimen or get monthly skin care kits so you can stay stocked with your favorites. We make it easy to care for your skin.

Does the Skin Care Routine Order Matter?

Yes! Your skin has a circadian rhythm — the genes protecting your skin activate in the morning, and the genes to repair skin activate at night. Your morning and evening skincare routine should help your skin protect itself in the morning and repair itself at night.

Do I Have to Use My Skin Care Routine Products Every Day?

To see consistent results, you need to practice your routine every morning and night. Just as you need to care for your body daily with oxygen, water and food, your skin has needs of its own.

A consistent routine helps you see results. Your skin will completely renew in 50-72 days, so if you care for it, you’ll see amazing results in just a few months!

Start Your Custom Skin Care Routine Today

You deserve a skin care routine to help you achieve your best skin. It all starts with the free skin type quiz you can take today. In minutes, you can learn your skin type, build the best routine for you and improve your skin health and appearance. Find your skin type today!


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