Skincare 101

Skincare 101

A personalized skin care routine is the fastest way to get radiant skin.  The best skin care products in the world are a waste of money and time if they are not right for your unique skin type. Youthful skin is radiant skin that glows  due to the skin’s smooth surface and has an even tone. Fresh, glowing skin occurs only when the skin is healthy. To get healthy skin you first need to identify any barriers to skin health that are giving you dull skin.  A dermatologist- developed skin type quiz will analyze your unique skin and diagnose your skin type. Once you know your unique skin type, you should use our dermatologist recommended daily skin care routine steps in a skin care routine personalized for your skin type. Knowing your unique skin type is the first step to moisturized fresh skin.

How to Find The Best Skin Care Routine?

The best daily skin care routine for your unique skin, lifestyle and budget is 3-5 minutes away.  All you need to do is take the personalized skin care quiz. Once we know your skin type, we can give you dermatologist recommended skin care advice customized for your unique skin type. The best skin care brands will be combined to make a personalized skin care routine for your unique skin type, lifestyle and budget.


Why A Personalized Skin Care Routine?

The best skin care routine for your unique skin should target the barriers to skin health that are causing you to have dryness, acne, rosacea, eczema, sun spots on the skin or hypersensitive skin. It is important to have a personalized skin care routine that targets your skin’s unique issues.  

A personalized skin care routine considers:

  1. Your skin type
  2. Your lifestyle habits
  3. Your preferences
  4. Your budget
  5. Your daily routine
  6. Your skin color
  7. Your age

Your personalized skin care routine steps should match your lifestyle and daily routine, or you will not use it. Choose a skin care brand that you can afford to use every day.  Even the  best skin care products only work when you use them.

What Is the Best Skin Care Brand for Radiant Skin?

When choosing skin care products, pick the best skin care products from various skin care brands.  We do not recommend only using one skin care brand. Once you identify your skin type, you can choose products from over 50 brands to use in your personalized skin care routine.  We will guide you and give you medical advice on skincare to help you choose the best skin care routine for youthful skin.

Why Take the Skin Type Test?

The scientifically proven Skin Type Solutions Skin Type Test is used by STS-approved dermatologists and medical providers to give their patients personalized skin care routines. Smooth, radiant skin occurs when the skin care routine steps are customized for the Baumann Skin Type.  

Where Can I Take The Baumann Skin Type Test?

You can see an STS approved doctor to take the Skin Type Solutions Skin Type Test developed by Dr. Leslie Baumann. Your STS approved doctor will give you a personalized skin care routine with comprehensive skin care routine steps.  If you do not have an STS approved doctor in your area, you can take the skin type test here or schedule an online consult.

What Happens After I Take The Skin Type Test?

Diagnose your Baumann Skin Type with the skin type test and instantly receive skincare routine steps. Choose the skin care brand and price point best suited to your lifestyle and budget.  Sign up for monthly skin care kits or purchase an entire regimen or single products.  Be confident that the personalized skincare routine addresses your skin concerns and will give you radiant, moisturized skin.


Why Do I Need Medical Advice on Skin Care®?

Using the wrong skin care products can make your skin hypersensitive, congested, rough, dull, and dry with an uneven skin tone. We want you to have moisturized, fresh skin that you are proud to show off to the world.  Radiant skin comes from using the correct skin care routine steps.  Skin care science is complicated and there are new skin care technologies every week. Our skin doctors are passionate about skin care and read all the latest science about skin care.  We are constantly researching skin care products and adjusting the dermatologist recommended skin care routines so that you will benefit from the latest skin care technologies. Whether you want an easy skin care routine, an affordable skin care routine, or luxury skin care- you can be certain that the skin care routine we recommend is correct for your unique skin type--- if you take the skin type quiz.

Basic Skin Care Routine Steps in a Personalized Skin Care Routine

Your daily skin care routine at home should accomplish 3 important goals:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Protect
  3. Repair

The amount of skin care products that you’ll use in order to meet these goals depends upon how much protection and repair you need for your unique skin type and lifestyle habits.  Once you know your Baumann Skin Type, you will receive a personalized skin care routine that ensures that you meet these 3 critical skin care goals.  You will have moisturized, fresh skin if you follow our daily skin care dermatologist recommendations. Start now so you can have flawless skin fast.

Does the Skin Care Routine Order Matter?

Yes! The skin has a circadian rhythm.  The genes to protect skin are turned on in the morning and the genes to repair skin are turned on at night. Your AM and PM skin care routine should be designed to help your skin protect itself in the morning and repair itself at night. The correct skin care routine steps will target your skin concerns and give you fresh, moisturized and radiant skin when our proven skin care routine is used every day as directed by our dermatologists. Read more about how to layer skin care products here.

Do I Have To Use My Skin Care Routine Products Every Day?

Nourish your skin with scientifically proven skin care products every day.  Using the best skin care products for your Baumann Skin Type® every day is as critical for smooth, radiant skin as eating healthy foods every day is important for your body’s health. Fresh, smooth, radiant and moisturized skin is possible.  It takes your skin 50-72 days to completely renew itself.  If you start now you can renew your skin in 3 months or less.

The best skin care routine for your friend, sister, brother, mother, or beauty influencer is mostly likely not the best skin care routine for your unique skin type.  You will get the best skin benefits from a scientifically proven, personalized skin care routine that takes into consideration your skin concerns, lifestyle habits and budget. You can take the first step towards flawless, youthful skin by taking the free skin type quiz.

 Learn your skin type.  Get a skin care routine. Improve your skin health. Start now.

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