Is Hyaluronic Acid Serum a Waste of Money?

Hyaluronic acid serum the holy grail of antiaging skin care

On Tik Tok this week and Refinery 29 there is a buzz about “Is Hyaluronic acid serum a waste of money?” and “Is Hyaluronic acid serum falling out of favor?” To know if HA serums are worth the money and time - you need to know a few things:



Do Hyaluronic acid serums work?

HA serums are humectants that pull water to the skin’s surface.  This immediately and temporarily plumps up the skin’s surface - erasing fine lines and wrinkles.


So- if you have date or a party or need to look your best- using an HA serum is worth it.


 However, if you are getting photos done or shooting videos, HA serums and creams can give your skin a shiny appearance.  So - HA serums are not great to use before going on camera.

 But- when you need to look great quickly- HA serums are the best serum to use.



Hyaluronic acid serums have many benefits.  But they may not be what you need.


When HA serums are worth the money?


Hyaluronic acid is not the best antiaging ingredient in skin care products.


Hyaluronic acid as an ingredient in skin care certainly does not have the exciting science and long-term results of exosomes. ( You can see my recent interview with Dr. Saranya Wyles a Dermatologist and Regenerative Medicine Physician about exosomes here on you tube.)



Hyaluronic acid has some great attributes:

  1. It hydrates skin immediately and plumps away fine lines
  2. It helps other skin care ingredients penetrate into the skin


So- if you choose to buy expensive skin care products such as exosomes, growth factors and Vitamin C serums, then a HA serum just might make the other antiaging aging work better.



Are expensive HA serums better than inexpensive cheap ones?

Expensive HA serums are not always better than cheap ones.  It depends upon the size of HA in the product that accounts for how well a HA serum works.


  • Short low molecular weight HA helps other ingredients get into he skin
  • Long higher molecular weight HA stays on the skin’s surface, binding water and plumping the skin.

Many of the expensive HA serums such as SkinMedica and Skinceuticals combine different sizes of hyaluronic acid chains in their serums.  This increases the price but has never been shown to make them work better.


Is an HA serum good for my skin?

It depends upon what your Baumann Skin Type is.  You can take the free quiz and see which HA serums are right for you.  Once you complete the quiz, you will receive a dermatologist recommended skin care routine that will tell you

  • If HA serums will work for your skin type
  • If a different antiaging serum is a better option
  • What step in your skin care routine you should use Hyaluronic acid skin care products


How does HA compare to Growth Factors, Exosomes and Stem cells in skin care?


To understand this- first you need to know how stem cells, growth factors and exosomes work. 

Click this link to learn more.

We DO NOT want you to waste money on the wrong skin care products- so- before you go buy an expensive HA serum- make sure it is worth it for you.

 Be sure and shop by your Baumann Skin Type!

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