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evidence-based skincare

What is Evidence-Based Skincare?

When the term Evidence-Based Skincare is used by a scientist, it means that the skincare products have been rigorously evaluated in experimental evaluations and shown to be effective based on scientific evidence. When the term evidence-based skincare routine is used, this implies that scientifically proven skincare products have been combined in a scientifically proven skincare routine.

The problem with the term “evidence-based skincare” is that it is not a legal definition and is often used incorrectly. When this term is used, think about these issues:

  1. A skincare product will work differently on different Baumann Skin Types®. Most research trials do not divide the research subjects into skin types which means that we really only know if the products work on the patients who were in the trial.  In anti-aging skincare trials, the subjects which to be women over 40 that are DRNW and DRPW Baumann Skin Types. That means the products may not work in oily skin types because the sebum prevents penetration of active ingredients.
  2. Usually, only one skincare product is tested rather than the entire skincare routine
  3. Usually, only one brand of products is tested, rather than choosing the best skin care products from each brand.
Here at Skin Type Solutions, we work with other doctors and medical providers to research complete skincare routines consisting of the best medical grade skincare brands.  We test these on the corresponding Baumann Skin Types.  The Baumann Skin typing nomenclature and stratification of skin types make it easier to collect evidence-based data. If you have taken the skin type quiz and know your Baumann Skin Type, you can feel confident that the recommendations given to you here at Skin Type Solutions are the best science-based skincare routines for your skin type.

Where Is The Best Place To Find Easy Unbiased Skincare Research Articles?

If you are looking for the best medical grade skincare lines, you need a cosmeceutical science expert to evaluate the skincare research data in an unbiased manner to know which skincare brands are based on scientific evidence. Here at Skin Type Solutions, our skincare research library contains many articles written by Dr. Leslie Baumann MD based on her 2 textbooks and 3 decades of research findings. The articles in the skincare101 library have been written so that they can be easily understood.  Many will have references at the bottom that you can read to find more scientific information and evidence-based research on skincare products. 


Where To Find The Best Skincare Research Articles?

If you want to see original skincare research, search the terms at scholar.google.com.  The results will be displayed in the order of scientific merit with the best dermatology journals that have the highest impact factor displaying first.  This is a good way to know that the research is legitimate. Google Scholar puts the most reputable skincare articles first. The skincare research articles that show first will have the best evidence-based research published in peer-reviewed journals if they are available.

What Is The Impact Factor In Skincare Research Articles Important?

There is great science behind skincare products, however, there are also many false claims, inflating marketing claims, misinterpretation of science and what we call pseudoscience. How do you know when to trust scientific data on skincare? 

The impact factor is a score given to medical publications.  The higher the score is- the more “impact” the journal and data have. The impact factor is used to measure the importance or rank of a medical journal by calculating how many times articles published in the medical journal are used as references in other articles. The official definition of impact factor is a measure of the frequency with which the average article in a journal has been cited in a particular year. If other experts in the field are quoting an article often, it is likely that it is of good quality. The highest impact journals in science include The New England Journal of Medicine, The Lancet, Nature, and Science. The highest impact factor journals in dermatology are the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, JAMA Dermatology, British Journal of Dermatology, Dermatologic Surgery, and the Journal of Investigative Dermatology. The evidence-based research in these journals is high quality and can be trusted.

Why Should You Read The Entire Publication In A Skincare Research Article And Not Only The Abstract?

Read more than just the abstract if you want to understand the skincare research article.  The research findings that the author wants you to see are always in the abstract.  It is the section most reviewed by readers because it is freely available on Google Scholar and PubMed.   In many cases, you must pay a fee to see the entire article.  It is worth paying the fee because statements in the abstracts can be intentionally misleading.  You will usually not see this trick being played in a high-impact journal, but lower quality cosmeceutical research publications do this often- especially the antiaging peptide research articles. It is always necessary to read the entire study and not accept the statements made in the abstract. 

Who Is The Best Source Of Evidence-Based Skincare Tips?

Dermatologists spend over 14 years in training. They specialize in skin science and can understand complicated skincare research articles.  Here at Skin type Solutions, we work with dermatologists to provide the best medical advice on skincare. It all starts with knowing your Baumann Skin Type.  Once you know your skin type, evidence-based skin care tips will be given to you.  Follow us on social media @SkinTypeSolutions to stay up to date on the latest skincare science.

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