Bisabolol is a soothing anti-inflammatory skincare ingredient that contains panthenol. this terpene comes from various plants such as chamomile, cannabis and the candeia tree. It has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial abilities and is a moisturizing humectant. Bisabolol is often used in skin care products for sensitive skin and is one of the best skincare ingredients for redness and rosacea.


The chamomile plant is a common source of natural bisabolol


Acne- Helps get rid of the redness from pimples, papules and pustules and make the red marks from acne go away faster.

Sensitive Skin- Found in many anti-inflammatory skincare products intended to soothe and calm skin.

Rosacea- Helps prevent and treat facial redness.

Eczema- When combined with barrier repair moisturizers will help sooth eczema prone skin.

Psoriasis- Helps calm and soothe itchy skin from psoriasis.

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