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Get ready to change the way your patients shop for skin care!

Our scientific method, developed by board certified dermatologist Dr. Leslie Baumann MD, is used by 100+ dermatologists, 200+ doctors and many more aesthetic medical providers.

It is found in dermatology and plastic surgery textbooks and is the gold standard of how to prescribe skin care routines in the medical community.

Only STS licenses the rights to use the proprietary quiz and skin typing system. When you sign a license with us, you will have access to the most current version of the constantly updated quiz, the skin care regimen builder, and the educational patient information and email journeys.

Congratulations on making the decision to let us help you prescribe the best skin care regimens for your patients and encourage them to use the products correctly.

We are passionate about cosmeceutical science and our software is continuously updated to incorporate new products and brands.

You can feel confident that your patients will get the latest technologies in their custom skin care routine and they will understand why and how to use the products.

Correctness, compliance and consistency will improve their skin's appearance, keep them coming back to your practice, and even increase referrals.

There is only one thing you need to do- get patients and prospective patients to take the quiz. We do the rest.

This is how it works:

Skin Type Solutions software automates a 3 step process to customize skin care regimens for your patients.

Step 1

The skin type quiz was developed at the University of Miami School of Medicine in 2004 and has been continuously updated and validated. (1-6)

It is used in research projects by dermatologists, pharmaceutical companies and cosmetic companies around the world to assign skin to one of 16 phenotypes.

When you have your patients take the quiz you will increase sales, encourage compliance, get great outcomes, and increase repurchases.


The quiz will diagnose the Baumann Skin Types and consider the following information to custom the skin care routine:

Which type of sensitive skin your patient has (acne, rosacea, stinging, or allergic)

Eye concerns to match to eye serums and creams

Sunscreen preferences (Chemical, mineral, tinted or untinted)


Age to assess need for anti-aging ingredients

Sun exposure and sunscreen use

Diet (vegetable and fruit consumption)



Other issues such as eczema and psoriasis

Step 2

You choose from a list of products from many brands. We will help you choose if you need advice.

Then the products you choose will be the ones that populate the correct steps of the skin care routines.

We have many brands and are constantly adding more.

Products will be chosen based on the Baumann Skin Type diagnosis and the other factors discussed in step 1.

There are 40,000 different regimen templates in the regimen management system.

The products that populate the regimen have specific rules for what they must have and cannot have to be in each step of one of these regimens. This ensures maximum efficacy and minimal side effects.

The products will be layered in the best skin care routine order so that each product increases the effectiveness of other products in the skin care routine.

I personally test the products, design the regimens, and use them in my medical practice and obtain feedback from medical providers that use our system.

Step 3

Whether your patients take the quiz in your office, or online without you, they will be able to feel your guidance in the custom regimens and educational material that are specifically tailored to their needs. They will get the best guidance by reading the educational emails and visiting our robust library at skintypesolutions.com/library

Once your patients complete the quiz they will receive information about their skin type and what issues their routine will target. Tell them to watch for this email and mark it as safe or move it from their spam folder so they do not miss the educational email series.

Your patients will receive step-by-step instructions on what to use, how much to use and when to use the products in their routine. They can find this material in their email series or at skintypesolutions.com/regimen when logged in.

For example, each skin type has it's own educational email customer journey. This journey is also affected by which category they fall in:

Did not purchase products

Purchased less than 3 products

Purchased an entire regimen

Each email they receive, which is approximately every 30 days, will guide them on issues such as:

How to tell if your regimen is working

How to handle side effects

When to change products in the routine

When to increase the strength of retinol in the routine

Why they should be using the entire routine (if they purchased less than a full regimen)

Its a good idea to have your staff go through the process and read the monthly emails so they can understand how the system works.

How to handle patient questions?

We have a robust educational system so you do not have to stay current on skin care but your patients will still receive the most up to date information. Let us handle your patient questions.

Skin care questions - skintypesolutions.com/library

Ingredient questions- skintypesolutions.com/ingredients.

If answer is not there, they can email info@skintypesolutions.com or DM us @skintypesolutions on Youtube or Instagram.

These 3 important steps will help you recommend the best skin care products for your patients in your medical practice.

We are here to help you! Let us know if you have questions, ideas, product feedback, or products that you want us to test for inclusion.

Let's work together to improve skin health through proper skin type diagnosis, correct product recommendations, scientific regimen design, and engaging patient education.

Welcome to the team!

Leslie Baumann MD, FAAD


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