Gentle Makeup Remover

Gentle Makeup Remover

Removing makeup is a vital first step in any evening skincare routine to avoid clogged pores, irritation, and even prematurely aged skin. However, with so many different types of makeup remover and cleansers available, it can sometimes be hard to know which is best for your skin type. Should you use a cleansing oil? And what is double cleansing?

What is the best makeup remover for sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin can present in a variety of ways, often with redness or dryness, and can be easily irritated by certain skincare ingredients. Therefore, selection of a gentle makeup remover is essential for sensitive skin types.

An eye makeup remover like Avène Gentle Eye Makeup Remover has soothing and hydrating ingredients that won’t dry out the skin, and even provide relief to sensitive or puffy eyes. It is fragrance-free, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.

Micellar waters, such as La Roche Posay Micellar Water, are also a popular choice for those with sensitive skin as they contain only purified water, hydrating ingredients and very mild surfactants (molecules that naturally attract dirt and oil). Micellar water has long been a staple of skincare routines in France and among supermodels, so it’s no wonder they’ve become so popular in recent years.

However, while gentle on your skin, micellar waters are not great at removing heavy makeup. It is easier to remove heavy makeup with the lipids found in cleansing oils (see below) to remove heavy makeup and mascara.

What is the best makeup remover for dry skin?

Dry skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis, need a cleanser that is moisturizing, hydrating and will soothe the skin, keeping it free from irritation. Zerafite Creamy Cleanser is a gentle, moisturizing cleanser that effectively removes makeup and deposits that much-needed moisture onto the skin.

If you’re prone to dry skin, look out for cleansers that contain stearic acid, an incredibly hydrating ingredient that acts as an emollient and an occlusive. It can help protect the skin against water loss, as well supporting the skin’s protective barrier.

Sunflower seed oil is also emollient that is a good ingredient to look for in cleansing oils. Sunflower seed oil is full of skin moisturizing fatty-acids and antioxidants. Sunflower seed oil and stearic acid are not harmful to the skin’s barrier, nor will they clog pores.

The best makeup remover for eyelash extensions

If you regularly wear eyelash extensions, you’ll know that the lash glue easily dissolves with some cleansers causing your expensive eyelash extension to fall out sooner. Excessive rubbing and cleansing of eyelash extensions will also shorten their longevity. So do not use a cleaning oil or creamy cleanser on lash extensions unless you want you lash extensions to fall out sooner.

If you want to prolong the life of your eyelash extensions, try a soothing cleanser such as Medature Plantract Cleansing Gel. This soothing, non-foaming cleanser contains natural ingredients such as aloe, portulaca olearacea extract, and camellia sinensis leaf extract. While aloe has long been known as a gentle, healing skincare ingredient, portulaca and camellia also contain anti-inflammatory benefits to soothe any irritation caused by the lash glue, as well as prolonging the life of your lashes.

The best makeup remover for stage makeup

If you frequently wear heavy makeup, or stage makeup, then cleansing oils are the best choice for you to effectively and gently remove all traces.

Cleansing oils help to remove heavy makeup by dissolving away the ingredients in mascara and cream-based foundations, while depositing hydrating fatty acids (lipids) on the skin to nourish it. Cleansing oils are surprisingly gentle and will wipe even the heaviest of makeup away without tugging or the need to rub. And despite the name, it is a perfect makeup remover for even oily skin types.

If you have oily skin and choose to use a cleansing oil, we recommend double cleansing. First use the cleaning oil to remove makeup and follow with a foaming cleanser that is appropriate for your skin type to remove any residual oil.

PCA Skin Daily Cleansing Oil is suitable of all skin types and actively dissolves dirt, oil and debris (including stage makeup). It contains Grape Seed Oil, which contains polyphenols and essential fatty acids for lightweight hydration; Almond Oil, a moisturizing ingredient that calms any irritation and helps the skin retain moisture; and Glycine Soja Oil, an anti-inflammatory rich in vitamin E.

Should I double cleanse to remove makeup?

There’s no doubt in our mind that you should always double cleanse to remove heavy makeup and sunscreen. Start with a cleansing oil to lift makeup and dirt, and follow with a facial cleanser suited to your Baumann Skin Type to ensure your face is left fully cleansed and dirt-free. A clean face is essential for any skincare routine to ensure ingredients are fully absorbed and the benefits reaped.

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