Face Cream for Skiing

Do you use a face cream when skiing to prevent windburn or chapped skin on your face when skiing or snowboarding? You should!

Windburn is uncomfortable and can last for weeks. It is better to prevent windburn by protecting your face with a cold weather face protection cream such as a protective barrier repair cream.

Best Face Cream To Protect from Windburn while Skiing and Snowboarding

The best face cream to protect the skin from windburn while skiing or snow boarding is a barrier repair moisturizer that helps skin defend itself.

Jojoba oil in particular is great for use in cold weather.

Here is our favorite dermatologist-recommended face cream for skiing:

How to Protect Your Skin From Windburn and Cold When Skiing

Use a creamy cleanser and a barrier repair moisturizer and sunscreen to protect your skin.

Cleansers to prevent windburn

Face Cleansers to avoid windburn and chapped skin on the face

  1. Avoid low pH cleansers like hydroxyacids cleansers and salicylic acid cleansers
  2. Avoid cleansers with a strong foam
  3. Avoid facial scrubs
  4. Use a cleanser that is creamy that will strengthen your skin barrier.

Face Cream and Moisturizers to Prevent Windburn and Chapped Skin

Avoid moisturizers with large amounts of humectants such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid.

Avoid hyaluronic acid serums- these can pull moisturize from your skin.

Avoid retinoids - these can irritate your skin in dry climates.

Choose a barrier repair moisturizer such as one fofthese to protect your skin:

Is Vaseline the Best for Windburn?

For many years Vaseline has been sued to protect the face when skiing because it is a protective occlusive ingredient.

However, the popularity of petrolatum has plummeted because it is a petrochemical.

You can find natural and organic occlusive ingredients in oils.

Oils have soothing and protective fatty acids.

My favorite soothing and protective oil to prevent windburn is Argan oil.

Find a skin care routine to prevent a windburn face that is right for you.

Some skin types are more likely to get windburn.

Using the best skin care routine for your skin type can help.

The first step is to take the skin type quiz to see what products can help protect your skin.

What skin care brand is best to prevent windburn? It depends upon your Baumann Skin Type!