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How Drinking Water Effects Skin Hydration

By Dr. Leslie Baumann on Mar 25, 2024

A hot topic in skin care today is whether drinking water increasing your skin's hydration. It turns out, the answer is both yes and no depending on your skin type. Get the facts on how drinking water changes skin moisture!

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Ceramides in Skin Care

By Dr. Leslie Baumann on Sep 18, 2023

What are ceramides? How do they work? Are there any side-effects or concerns associated with ceramide products? Find out all about this fundamental lipid that's crucial to skin barrier health!

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How Do Moisturizers Work?

By Dr. Leslie Baumann on Jun 20, 2022

We review what moisturizers are and how they work. Learn about barrier repair moisturizers, humectants, and occlusives and which fatty acids to look for in moisturizers.

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Skin Barrier and Causes of A Damaged Skin Barrier

By Dr. Leslie Baumann on Oct 27, 2021

The Skin Barrier is made of skin lipids that surround and protect epidermal skin cells. What does it do and why is it important? How to know if the skin barrier is damaged?

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