Combination Skin

Combination Skin

  • There is so much confusion about the meaning of combination skin. This is because combination skin is not a true skin type. People can mean many different things when they say combination skin. For this reason, it is important to define combination skin type. What is Combination Skin? There are ...

    2021-05-21 | Leslie Baumann MD

What is Combination Skin?

  • What is the Combination Skin Type? Our Skin Type Solutions Skin Type Quiz evaluates your skin’s barrier function and your production of sebum and diagnoses you as either a dry skin type or an oily skin type. It does not have a category for combination skin. There is a misperception ...

    2021-03-12 | Leslie Baumann MD

Skin Care for Combination Skin

  • Skin Care for Combination Skin What is the best skin care for combination skin? That is a trick question because there is not a true combination skin type. However, since Clinique came out with the 4 skin types in 1968, they used the terminology dry combination skin and oily combination ...

    2021-01-07 | Leslie Baumann MD

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