Solaris Laboratories NY It's Lit LED Gua Sha™ Facial Massager

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Solaris Laboratories NY It&

Solaris Laboratories NY It's Lit LED Gua Sha™ Facial Massager

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It's Lit LED Gua Sha Facial Massager is a 3-in-1 tool that offers the best of what your skin will take: Pulsing vibration technology, heat mode, and red LED light. It's been engineered by Solaris Laboratories NY to give elevated results - better than using a topical product alone, and designed to seamlessly be incorporated in your routine so you have control over the serum that works with your skin type. In just a 3-minute de-stressing massage the skin becomes more lifted, radiant and refreshed. Features 4 modes: Vibration Mode 8000RPM promotes microcirculation and exchange of nutrients, Heat Mode 45C helps with detoxification on a dermal level and with product penetration, Red LED Mode 630nm stimulates collagen production and also helps tighten and firm the skin, LED + Heat + Vibration Mode is an elevated synergistic mode that combines all options together for 3x the potency.

<ul>precautions<li>led Light Therapy Is A Popular And Effective Cosmetic Treatment That Uses Low-level Light Therapy To Improve The Appearance Of The Skin, While It Is Generally Considered Safe And Has Minimal Side Effects, There Are Still Some Precautions And Warnings That You Should Be Aware Of Before Using Led Light Therapy On Your Skin, </li><li>one Of The Most Important Things To Keep In Mind Is To Avoid Direct Eye Exposure To The Led Light During Treatment, The Light Used In Led Light Therapy Is High-intensity, And Prolonged Exposure To The Eyes Can Cause Damage, To Prevent This, It Is Crucial To Wear Protective Eyewear Or Close Your Eyes During The Treatment, </li><li>additionally, Certain Medical Conditions May Make Led Light Therapy Unsuitable For Some People, If You Have Epilepsy, Lupus, Or Photosensitivity, For Example, You Should Consult With A Healthcare Provider Before Undergoing Led Light Therapy, Similarly, If You Are Pregnant, There Is Limited Research On The Effects Of Led Light Therapy During Pregnancy, And It Is Generally Recommended To Avoid The Treatment If Possible, </li><li>furthermore, It Is Important To Avoid Using Led Light Therapy On Open Wounds Or Areas Of The Skin That Are Damaged Or Broken, This Can Cause Additional Irritation Or Even Worsen The Wound Or Injury, </li><li>when Using Led Light Therapy, It Is Crucial To Carefully Follow The Instructions Provided With The Device, This Includes Using The Device As Directed And Following Any Recommended Safety Precautions, If You Have Any Questions Or Concerns, It Is Always Best To Consult With A Healthcare Provider Before Beginning Treatment, </li><li>while Led Light Therapy Is Generally Considered To Be A Safe And Effective Treatment Option For Improving The Appearance Of The Skin, As With Any Medical Treatment, There Is Always A Risk Of Adverse Effects Or Complications, Some People May Experience Mild Redness, Swelling, Or Other Skin Irritation Following Treatment, These Side Effects Are Typically Mild And Should Go Away On Their Own Within A Few Hours, But Treatment Should Be Permanently Stopped, If You Experience Severe Or Prolonged Redness, Or Pain, You Should Stop Using The Device Immediately And Consult With A Healthcare Provider, </li><li>it Is Essential To Understand That Led Light Therapy Is Not A Substitute For Medical Treatment For Any Underlying Medical Condition, If You Have Any Concerns About Your Skin Health, It Is Important To Consult With A Healthcare Provider For Proper Diagnosis And Treatment, </li><li>by Following These Precautions And Warnings, You Can Help Ensure That Your Led Light Therapy Treatment Is Safe And Effective, It Is Always Better To Err On The Side Of Caution And Seek Medical Advice Before Using Any New Treatment On Your Skin, </li><li>using This Led Lit Massage Tool Should Be A Comfortable Experience, If You Experience Any Form Of Discomfort Discontinue Use Immediately, Do Not Use The Device If Your Skin Condition Worsens Or You Experience Discomfort, Irritation, Redness, Etc, The Above Statements Have Not Been Evaluated By The Fda All Solaris Laboratories Products Are Not Intended To Diagnose, Treat, Cure, Or Prevent Any Disease, Any Negative Consequence Resulting From The Misuse Of Solaris Laboratories Products Or Application Of Solaris Laboratories Products Is Neither Responsibility Of Solaris Laboratories Ny Nor Its Affiliates, All Solaris Laboratories Ny Products Are To Be Kept Away From Children, Children Under The Age Of 18 Should Not Use Or Play With Solaris Laboratories Devices/tools/massagers, Products Have Not Been Tested On Children, Before Charging Make Sure The Device And Usb Port Are Free Of Water, Unplug The Device From The Charger While In Use, </li></ul>

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  • Oxybenzone-Free
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