Osmosis Cool Skin Tool

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Osmosis Cool Skin Tool

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The Cool Skin Tool is designed to cool, soothe and help stimulate blood circulation
to ease inflammation, irritation and redness.

Enhance any skincare routine to tighten pores and diminish the appearance of fine
lines by aiding product ingredients to penetrate deeper for faster, more effective
results. Utilizing a proprietary solid alloy technology that offers a cooling effect for
up to 30 minutes, this tool may be used safely anywhere on the face, neck or body
and on most skin types, alone or in conjunction with targeted serums and products
to pamper the skin and create a more even-toned surface over time.

Technology, Proprietary Solid Alloy Designed To Retain Cooling Effect For Maximum Time, Alloy Developed To Have Natural Antimicrobial Properties, No Moving Parts Or Power Needed, No Fluid Compartment

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  • Paraben-Free
  • Oxybenzone-Free
This product is approved for the following Baumann Skin Types:

This product is recommended for the following Sensitivities:

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