Meder Beauty Arma-Lift Anti-Aging Face Mask 5 Pack

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Meder Beauty Arma-Lift Anti-Aging Face Mask 5 Pack Meder Beauty 5-Pack Shop at Skin Type Solutions

Meder Beauty Arma-Lift Anti-Aging Face Mask 5 Pack

$82.00 Sale Save
Size 5-Pack

Arma-Lift is the best "age well" firming solution. As one of the first age-related changes in the skin, lack of collagen leads to wrinkles, fine lines and loss of elasticity and firmness. But with weekly use of Arma-Lift mask, your skin can synthesize more collagen, restoring and maintaining a youthful appearance.

Made from natural bamboos fibers generously imbibed with a luxurious active gel, Arma-Lift is the best face mask for aging skin. Its microbiome-friendly formula is rich in rejuvenating peptides, amino acids and vitamins, essential for skin strenght and elasticity. It helps to restore sun-damaged skin with an intensely moisturizing complex made with organic oils and skin-identical water holding ingredients. With regular use, Arma-Lift mask lightens dark spots and evens out the skin tone, restoring its natural brightness.

Approved for Baumann Skin Types

DSPW Skin Type
DSNW Skin Type
OSPW Skin Type
OSNW Skin Type
ORPW Skin Type
ORNW Skin Type
DRPW Skin Type
DRNW Skin Type

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This product is approved for the following Baumann Skin Types: DRNW, DRPW, DSNW, DSPW, ORNW, ORPW, OSNW, OSPW

This product is recommended for the following Sensitivities:
Resistant, Acne, Redness, Stinging

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