An STS+ Membership comes with a ton of benefits. Think of STS+ as a fully-outsourced ecommerce platform for providing the best skincare recommendation for your patients.

  • We take care of buying and managing the inventory of 2,000 products from approximately 70 brands in our dedicated warehouse.
  • The fulfillment team packs and ships patient orders to ensure a fast and pleasant experience
  • The data team always keeps the products accurate with current product photos, pricing and descriptions
  • The tech team keeps the site up and running to ensure no downtime
  • The customer service team manages all patient inquires on your behalf
  • The accounting team takes care of paying sales tax for online purchases
  • The marketing team runs optional promotions, sends branded emails on your behalf to educate and encourage purchase conversion on your online store
  • The vendor relations team manages relationships with brands to offer promotions such as Gift-With-Purchase (GWP) at no cost on your site, and negotiate contracts with better rates on your in-office product purchases

Ultimately, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars and countless effort trying to setup your own online store when you can simply plug into STS+ built for medical practices.

The "ideal" STS+ Client is an aesthetics provider that is looking for one or more of the following:

  • A simple and inexpensive way to retail 2,000+ products from 70+ medical-grade brands without having to purchase and carry in-office inventory
  • Differentiate their practice with a patented and scientifically-backed program developed and tested by hundreds of dermatologists for the past 10 years
  • Easily and accurately determine their patient's skin type and offer a scientific skincare recommendation powered by a quiz and regimen builder
  • Add new revenue stream and service to their practice
  • Benefit from perks like reduced cost on in-office skincare products and injectables increasing profitability

Each STS+ Membership plan offers a commitment as little as one month with the Monthly Membership Plan and can be canceled at any time.

We currently have Monthly and Yearly plans for each Membership Level starting as low as $99/month. You can receive a discounted rate on the $2,000 Online Store Setup fee by choosing the a Yearly plan option. In this case, you will receive $500 off the Setup Fee in addition to 2 months free (pay for 10 months receive 12 months).

Yes. You can enroll into an STS+ Membership plan, however not all of the benefits will be available to you. We ship to many countries and have the site translated in several languages. The product and shipping costs are slightly higher to account for additional taxes and duties. Please contact one of our team members to find out more information.

After successfully enrolling you will receive a membership confirmation email. Our team will begin setting up your online store and schedule a meeting with you to review the onboarding process within the first week. Your online store will be ready within 3-5 business days of enrollment.

Add one of the STS+ Membership Plans to your cart. The one-time Setup Fee will automatically be added to the cart. Checkout using any of the convenient payment options.

We have three main pillars to our membership program: Education, Revenue and Savings.

These pillars are the true value of Skin Type Solutions. We aim to ensure we create and provide ongoing educational content through webinars, podcasts and blogs. The goal is to keep you and your patients educated with the latest trends and technology in science and skincare.

The second pillar of revenue is to ensure you are generating revenue with your STS+ Online Store. If you promote the quiz to all of your patients and social media followers, you will increase traffic to your store. Offering incentives such as coupons to your patients will encourage an initial purchase. The goal is to retain your patients and increase their lifetime value through regular repeat store purchases, thus providing a revenue source for your business.

The last pillar of savings is to ensure you can stay competitive in an ever-changing market. We have negotiated on your behalf to try and provide a lower cost of goods to help you create more margin in your practice. We encourage you to open accounts with all of the vendors that you offer or wish to offer in your practice and begin your savings upon signing up. In many cases our clients save more than the cost of the STS+ membership.

Brands & Products

Your STS+ Online Store will have approximately 70 medial-grade brands. A current list of brands you will be offering your patients can be found at https://skintypesolutions.com/collections

Your STS+ Online Store will have approximately 2,000 unique products available for purchase. This number will fluctuate based on new products or brands being added to the site and products that have been discontinued and removed.

Yes, if you already carry products in your office, you can continue to carry any products as an STS+ Member. You can also open a National Account with eligible brands and benefit from our Skin Type Solutions National Account benefits. These benefits include additional support, training and cost savings on products depending on the brand. Each brand has their own requirements for opening an account and you may or may not be eligible.  

Yes, available only through the Advanced and Pro Plans. The Advanced Plan includes 3 ship-to locations and the Pro Plan includes 6 ship-to locations. Additional ship-to locations can be purchased.

We currently do not have an option to carry a specific practice’s private label however, it may be possible depending on the number of portfolio products and private label manufacturer. Please speak to one of our team members for additional information.

Customer Acquisition & Retention

The best way to market your STS+ Online Store is to expose your patients to the store as much as possible. A key differentiator is to market the Baumann Skin Type Quiz.

QR Code

We will provide you a QR code in an acrylic display for your waiting room. Requiring all of your patients to scan the QR code and complete the Skin Type Quiz is the best way to educate your patients on their skin type and have the product recommendations to solve their skin issues.

Social Media

Regularly posting on social media about taking the Skin Type Quiz to find out your Baumann Skin Type is an effective practice. Relevant posts and stories about the quiz and your store will help drive visibility to your store. Your STS+ Dashboard includes Media Assets to support these posts.

Business Website

Our team will connect your business website to your STS+ Online Store. It is critical this step occurs during the onboarding process. Please note, you do not need a business website to have an STS+ Online Store.

Your STS+ Online Store comes with a built-in Skincare Rewards Program. Patients will earn points for signing up, taking the quiz, purchasing products, etc. Points can be redeemed for coupon codes towards their purchases.

Included in your membership is our comprehensive STS+ Email Marketing Campaign. STS will send practice-branded marketing emails to your online store customers to educate and assist in purchase conversion.

Educational emails include skin type specific content, importance of taking the quiz and using your recommended product regimen. You may opt into promotional emails that send promotions and discounts to your patients to increase conversion opportunity. This campaign is fully automated and sent on your behalf.

Yes, having a mobile app native experience helps drive repurchases. Your STS+ Online Store has a mobile app that can be downloaded from the Google Play or iOS App Store. Once the patient is associated with your store the logo will update to your branded online store logo.

Commission Payouts

Depending on your membership plan you will earn a commission on sales from your STS+ online store. The Starter Plan has a commission of 30%, the Advanced Plan has a commission of 35% and the Pro Plan has a commission of
40% minus any incentives or discounts applied to the orders.

Any incentives or discounts applied to the order will be
deducted from the commission amount to yield the payable commission. Incentives
include Qualified Free Shipping. Customers qualify for free shipping when their
cart size greater than $49 and the pass-through shipping cost of $7.95 will be deducted from the commission. Cart sizes less than $49 do not qualify for free
shipping and therefore will not be deducted, the shipping will be paid for by the customer at checkout. Discounts include any discounts applied at checkout such as a coupon code or loyalty rewards.

The commission breakdown will be reflected in your plus
dashboard and payable via electronic transfer on the 15th of the following month.

Cart subtotal
before discounts = $100

Qualified free
shipping applied = -$7.95

Net Commission

Starter Plan = $100
x 30% = $30 - $7.95 = $22.05

Advanced Plan =
$100 x 35% = $35 - $7.95 = $27.05

Pro Plan = $100
x 40% = $40 - $7.95 = $32.05

Cart subtotal
before discounts = $40

No qualified
free shipping or discounts

Net Commission

Starter Plan =
$40 x 30% = $12

Advanced Plan =
$40 x 35% = $14

Pro Plan = $40
x 40% = $16

Cart subtotal
before discounts = $400

Qualified free
shipping applied = -$7.95

20% discount
applied to cart = -$80

Net Commission

Starter Plan =
$400 x 30% = $120 - $7.95 - $80 = $32.05

Advanced Plan =
$400 x 35% = $140 - $7.95 - $80 = $52.05

Pro Plan = $400
x 40% = $160 - $7.95 - $80 = $72.05

Yes. This feature is available in all plans. Tracking links associate patient sales to a specific provider. The Starter Plan includes 1 tracking link, the Advanced Plan includes 10 tracking links and the Pro Plan includes 20 tracking links. Additional links can also be purchased.

Yes, if you are enjoying STS+, please feel free to refer a
colleague and you will receive $500* if that colleague signs up for a membership plan.

The best way to refer is to introduce us via email using sales@skintypesolutions.com and include the STS+ Membership landing page: https://SellMoreSkincare.com
in the email so they may learn more and book a meeting.

*We can only record the referral with an email introduction.