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How to Reset Your NuFACE Trinity Device

Every NuFACE Device is manufactured in San Diego, California so transit time may vary depending on your location. During transit, the battery of your Trinity device may deplete, which may require a simple reset. Follow these easy steps to get your device charging in no time! Remember, charge your device for 12 hours before first use! Only use these instructions if your device serial number has the following configuration POXXXXXXX, or PROXXXXXXX.

How to reset your NuFACE Trinity #1

To reset the device, first remove the microcurrent Facial Trainer attachment by pressing the release button and lifting the attachment off.

How to reset your NuFACE Trinity #2

Obtain a paper clip and bend it as shown. Locate the reset hole to the right of the white serial number label on the top of the device. Please note: If your device serial number begins with a “W” your device does not have a reset hole as your device automatically resets upon being placed on the cradle.

How to reset your NuFACE Trinity #3

Place the device in the charging stand. Make sure it is fully seated. Also, make sure the charging stand is plugged in. Insert the paper clip into the reset hole as shown until it stops. It is not necessary to apply any downward pressure. After making contact and resetting the device, one or more LEDs will flash three times. This will be followed by two power-up tones. The increasing sequential LED pattern will then start, indicating that the charging has begun. Leave the device in the charging stand for at least 12 hours. The reset must be administered with the device seated in its charging cradle for it to be effective.

If your Trinity device is not turning on, please mark sure all the following are true:

  • The Trinity device is completely secured to the attachment and fits on snug. Make sure to firmly press the attachment release button on the back of the device when attaching and detaching the attachment.
  • The Trinity device battery is fully charged. If not please charge your device for a full 12 hours.
  • The gold connector board is clean. Avoid getting any gel or other substance on the connector board. Should the connector board get dirty, use a cotton swab (not cotton ball) with isopropyl alcohol to clean the face of the connector board. Wipe dry, and then air dry for 1 hour before use. DO NOT use water or any other cleaning solution on the connector board.

If all of the above are true and your device is still not working please Contact Us.