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Experience the confidence that comes from healthy skin. The missing link to healthy skin. Heparan Sulfate is a natural repairing molecule in our skin that is essential for renewing damaged, inflamed skin. Senté is the first and only company to develop a version of Heparan Sulfate and infuse it into medical-grade skincare products. Our exclusive, multitasking Heparan Sulfate Analog molecule is clinically shown to target the underlying causes of skin inflammation and enhance your skin’s natural ability to repair itself. How we look affects our confidence—unfortunately, our skin doesn’t always get the memo. Irritation, redness, dryness, discoloration, and wrinkles can leave us trapped in skin that doesn’t show who we truly are. At Senté, we’re helping you take back your confidence and feel free in your own skin with our collection of medical-grade skincare products.

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