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How to Get Clear Skin Fast

  • Many patients come in asking us how to get clear skin overnight or how to get clear skin fast at home. Whether we are asked “How to get clear skin in 2 days?” or “How to get clear skin in 3 days?” or “How to get clear skin in a ...

    2021-06-21 | Leslie Baumann MD


  • Acne What Causes Acne? While diet (dairy and sugar), hormones (androgens) and stress play a role in acne, there are three distinct causes of acne: Oil glands produce oil that contains acne causing components. Hormones affect oil production. The pores (hair follicles) become clogged with dead skin cells, oil, dirt, ...

    2021-01-07 | Leslie Baumann MD

Acne Skin Care Routine

  • Acne Skin Care Routine Acne should be treated with a skin care routine personalized for your skin type. Acne is an inflammatory condition of the hair follicle. Acne is an 8 week cycle, so the acne skin care routine that you start today will need 8 weeks to work. Acne ...

    2021-01-07 | Leslie Baumann MD

Sensitive Skin Type

  • Sensitive skin will react if the wrong skincare products are used. This occurs because sensitive skin is skin that easily develops inflammation. If you have sensitive skin, you know how upsetting it is to have a skin reaction to a new product. It is very important that you use the ...

    2021-05-28 | Leslie Baumann MD

Facial Extractions

  • Facial Extractions - What To Put On Face After Acne Facial Extractions? If you have blackheads, white heads, white bumps on the face, or milia, you don’t have to live with these bumps on the face. Facial extractions remove milia, blackheads and white heads but must be done properly by ...

    2021-03-12 | Leslie Baumann MD

Acne Treatments

  • Acne Treatments By Joanne McGregor- Skin Care Enthusiast I watched a YouTube video recently where a side comment from the vlogger was that her acne was “normal” and will always be there so please, dear viewers, stop offering advice on how to get rid of it. Now, unsolicited advice from ...

    2021-01-07 | Leslie Baumann MD

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