How to Find My Baumann Skin Type?

16 Baumann Skin Types


There are 16 Baumann Skin Types- which one are you?

This is the first step in changing the way you shop for skincare- knowing your Baumann Skin Type.  Its quick, it's easy and it is free.  Do it now!

Take the Skin Type Quiz Now

How to Find the Best Skin Type Quiz to Get A Custom Skincare Regimen?

You have found it! Our skin type quiz is the one used by dermatologists in their medical practices.  The skin type test that determines your Baumann Skin Type was developed over 15 years and validated in several parts of the world. The Baumann Skin Typing System is discussed in many major textbooks and is the gold standard skin typing system used to collect skin type data for research.

The First Step In Deciding Upon A Daily Skin Care Regimen at Home

Ok- so what if you don't want to see a doctor and would rather shop for skincare at home? No worries- we now allow you to take the 16 skin types quiz online.  This quiz standardizes the way skin doctors develop skin care routines so that we are all speaking the same skin care language. The skin type quiz used by Skin Type Solutions is the only valid skin type quiz and is the one found in the dermatology textbooks.  You can learn more about it here. You can only find the skin type quiz here at or with an STS Approved

How To Find The Best Custom Skin Care Regimen? 

When a skin care routine is designed properly, it is a huge scientific puzzle because there are so many things to consider when customizing a skin care routine.  Dermatologists and or STS-trained medical providers will take these issues into consideration when developing a personalized skin care routine for your unique skin and lifestyle.

Each skin care product in a skin care regimen step should help the other skin care products in the skin care regime work better.  The order that skin care products are applied to the skin makes a big difference! Product layering of skin care products needs a lot of scientific consideration to be done properly. 

Designing a skin care routine is challenging.  


Your skin care routine should be customized for your unique skin type for you to get the best skin benefits.  It all starts with taking the skin type quiz to diagnose your skin type.  There are 3 ways you can learn your Baumann Skin Type:

  1. Take the skin type quiz here at
  2. Find a STS trained medical provider in your area
  3. Schedule an online skin care consultation with one of our medical aestheticians

Use A Skin Care Regimen Customized By Dermatologists For Your Baumann Skin Type

Your STS-trained dermatologist or medical provider will diagnose your skin type and design a skin care regimen. Your dermatologist, physician or medical provider will give you the exact skin care regimen steps so that you will know exactly what to do for your am and pm skin care routine.

I know that you will want to try and guess your skin type and buy one or two products and mix them in with what you have at home--- but- DON’T DO IT!  You are wasting your time and money.  Trust me- I’ve been focused on this since 2004.  If you take the skin type quiz you will accurately find out your skin type and what skin care routine is best for you. It's free and it only takes 3 minutes- help me help you!!


Leslie Baumann MD

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