FAQ générale

Les codes de réduction, les codes promotionnels et les codes de récompense ne peuvent pas être combinés. Afin de maintenir des prix bas, la livraison gratuite et des échantillons gratuits sur toutes les commandes, nous ne pouvons autoriser qu'un seul code promotionnel par commande.

Les codes de réduction ne sont pas éligibles sur les articles en solde.

Beaucoup de nos marques partenaires n'autorisent pas de réductions. Lorsque nous travaillons avec nos marques partenaires, nous essayons généralement de vous proposer une offre exclusive, qu'il s'agisse d'un cadeau gratuit avec achat, d'échantillons bonus ou de récompenses. Voici une liste des marques actuelles qui n'autorisent pas les remises : SkinCeuticals, Defenage, Jan Marini, Sente, SkinMedica. Ceci est sujet à changement sans préavis.

Skin Type Solutions propose fréquemment des promotions de cadeaux avec achat tout au long de l'année. Nous limitons les cadeaux à un par client. Les offres de cadeaux avec achat sont des offres à durée limitée et valables jusqu'à épuisement des stocks. Les offres ne sont pas valables sur les marchandises achetées précédemment ou sur les achats de cartes-cadeaux.

Skin Type Solutions se réserve le droit de prolonger, de modifier ou d'interrompre cette offre à tout moment sans préavis. Les promotions sont susceptibles d'être modifiées sans préavis.

Les produits sont régulièrement approvisionnés.

Si un produit que vous souhaitez est en rupture de stock, n'hésitez pas à nous envoyer un message avec le produit que vous recherchez dans l'objet. Nous vous enverrons une notification dès qu'ils seront de nouveau en stock !

Nous acceptons les paiements des principales sociétés de cartes de crédit telles que Visa, Mastercard et American Express.

Si votre demande est approuvée, vous pouvez payer en plusieurs fois en utilisant AfterPay, Paypal Credit et ShopPay sur les marques participantes.

Product Issues

You may experience this with products that use an "airless pump" delivery system. Airless pump dispensers utilize a vacuum system to dispense and keep the product fresh. Airless packaging helps to keep air and contaminates out of the product, which enhances the formula's stability and effectiveness. When using the product for the first time, you may need to "prime" the dispenser. There is a disk that pushes the product to the top which can become stuck, and you may need to bang the bottom of the bottle 3-4 times on a flat-hard surface to loosen the disk, then pump the dispenser slowly about 15-20 times upside down. After it starts pumping you can pump right side up as normal. if the dispenser stops working at any time, simply repeat the "priming" steps. We do not recommend attempting to dismantle the package. If priming does not work, turn your product over to find a very small hole at the bottom of the bottle. Try inserting a paper clip into this hole to raise the disk of the product and trigger the pump. Please Contact Us if you are still having trouble.

If you are having problems with SkinMedica TNS Advanced+ Dual Chamber not dispensing properly, please refer to our Troubleshooting Guide.

If you are experiencing any problems with your device, we recommend resetting. To reset, follow the instructions provided on Resetting Your Device.

Solaris Labs NY offers a one year limited warranty that covers functional issues like battery not working or LED light not working. Please contact us right away. You can also contact Solaris Labs NY customer service directly at support@solarislabny.com to resolve your issue.

Extreme heat can cause formulas to melt and ingredients to separate. This causes products, especially those with active ingredients such as sunscreen, to become less effective. For this reason, always store skin care products at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

Most of our brands have been rigorously tested to make sure they can withstand extreme temperatures. They are frozen, thawed, heated, brought back to room temperature and frozen again to make sure they can still be used and effective after travel. You would just need to let the product return to room temperature before use, and it will still work for you!

Shipping & Delivery

Orders shipped to the western U.S. can be expected within 5-8 business days. Orders shipped to the eastern U.S. generally take 3-5 business days. Please note free shipping does not include weekends and holidays. For quicker delivery, next day shipping service is available. All delivery times are estimates. The total time needed to deliver your package may be longer. Skin Type Solutions is not responsible for delays in delivery due to events beyond our control, including shortage of materials, labor strikes, transportation failures or acts of nature.

Due to global supply chain challenges, shipping times could be longer than usual.

Shipping rates can vary depending on your region and are calculated at checkout.

Here are the full details of our Shipping Policy.

Yes, we offer free shipping for domestic orders over $49. Check the cart to see the current deal on free shipping..

You will receive an email with tracking information once your order is shipped. Please check your Junk or Spam Folder if you did not receive in your email inbox. We are not liable for any lost or stolen packages or packages that are marked as delivered but not received by the customer. We do insure orders over $100 that are shipped via UPS. If your package was not received and your order is over $100, we can file a claim with UPS to open an investigation for potential 'porch piracy'. However, reimbursement is not guaranteed.

Returns & Refunds

Yes, we offer full and partial refunds.

Please enquire for more information about our Refund policy.

A refund request can be submitted within 30 after the purchase is made with an Unopened package. We do not accept returns on opened products.

When an order does not include free shipping, all shipping costs (including the return shipping) are handled by the customer.

When an order includes free shipping, only the cost of the return shipping is handled by the customer.

We have high standards when it comes to packaging your order however mistakes do occur from time to time. Please accept our apologies if you have received an incorrect item. Please contact us at support@skintypesolutions.com right away to remedy the problem.

Please email us at support@skintypesolutions.com to request to cancel your order. If your order has already shipped, we will walk you through the return process for a refund.

We are unable to offer exchanges or refunds for products returned due to skin irritation or allergic reactions. Please know when you begin using any new product or skincare routine, your skin can acclimate to new ingredients in a variety of ways. Tingling, redness, flaky skin and even purging are common skin responses to unfamiliar ingredients. Purging, especially, means that a product is bringing skin impurities to the surface to be expelled, which often results in breakouts - but in the end, this process is often well worth it. Additionally, irritation can occur if the product is being used incorrectly or with other products not suitable for use together. Furthermore, we recommend consulting with your dermatologist or skincare specialist to ensure you are choosing the right products for your skin type.