Your Personalized Skin Care Journey
Your Personalized
Skin Care Journey
Identify Your Baumann Skin Type
Identify Your Baumann
Skin Type®

Determine which of the 16 Skin Types you are based on our scientific questionnaire.

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Build A Routine From Your Favorite Brands
Get A Routine From Your
Favorite Brands

Your Physician will assign you products effective for your skin type based on your brand and price preferences. Only products with scientifically backed ingredients formulated for your individual skin type will display.

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Feel Confident Again
Feel Confident

Stay compliant with detailed instructions to achieve optimal skin results and enjoy earning loyalty incentives on all your purchases.

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With more than 30 of the top dermatologist backed brands,
build your personalized routine with confidence.
What is the Baumann
Skin Type®?

Featured in medical textbooks and used by hundreds of dermatologists, the system categorizes individual skin characteristics into 16 scientifically proven types based on the 4 barriers to skin health: dehydration, inflammation, pigmentation, and aging. Taking the quiz and building a routine that focuses on your unique skin type is the optimal way to improve skin health.

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What is the Baumann
Skin Type®?
What is the Baumann Skin Type
What People Like You Have To Say
What People Like You Have
To Say

The products included in my DSPW kit have all been very easy to apply and they all layer extremely well together. I thought the PAORR argan oil might make me oily and break me out, but on the contrary, it really helped keep my skin hydrated and didn't clog my pores. My acne and pigmentation have also improved so much! I noticed results within the first week of using the ClarityRx serum, which was fantastic at lightening up my dark spots and post-inflammatory pigmentation. Overall I can say that the products in my kit have been doing wonders for my DSPW skin type!

Maria Paula

Age: 28

As Seen In Hundreds of Dermatology and
Aesthetic Practices Across The U.S.